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Covid and vaccines, the most incredible hoaxes dismantled by the Ministry of Health

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In Italy, and beyond, millions of people have decided not to undergo vaccination. In most cases, the reason is due to lack of information, or rather, to excessive exposure to fake news on Covid and vaccines that have been circulating on social media since the beginning of months.

And so, to convince the so-called “undecided” to get vaccinated during the month of September, the Ministry of Health has published a Faq where all the hoaxes present online are collected, with the intention of dismantling them one by one.

Hoaxes on Covid and vaccines, the Faq of the Ministry of Health arrives

“Eating garlic can help prevent new coronavirus infection” (false). “Garlic is a food with some antimicrobial properties, but there is no evidence of preventive action against the new coronavirus” (true).

Fake news about Covid and vaccines sounds more or less like this, and the Ministry of Health has decided to publish them in an encyclopedic Faq complete with a science-based answer.

According to another hoax “applying petroleum jelly or other creams around the nostrils traps the virus, so it does not enter the vessel”. Here is how the Ministry Faq replies: “There is no evidence that the virus remains trapped by petroleum jelly. To avoid contagion it is necessary to wear a mask, respect safety distances and do not touch eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed or disinfected hands “.

There are also fake news related to the miraculous benefits of alcohol

A fake news concerning the miraculous benefits of alcohol also circulates on social media: “The virus is sensitive to alcohol, so if I drink alcohol I don’t get sick from Covid-19”. The response of the Institutional Faq to the umpteenth hoax on the new coronavirus is the following: “Frequent consumption of alcohol or spirits does not protect against new coronavirus infection.

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, in fact it exposes the person to the risk of developing serious diseases, including liver cirrhosis and tumors ”.

To read the whole Faq of the Ministry of Health against hoaxes on vaccines and Covid 19 you can link to this page.

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