Home Health Covid, at the Meyer in Florence, single swab to find the syncytial virus

Covid, at the Meyer in Florence, single swab to find the syncytial virus

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The discovery – The novelty was developed by the team of Immunology laboratory, led by the teacher Chiara Azzari. “We took advantage of the lesson that the pandemic had taught us – explains the expert – and we learned how important it is to have the time factor on your side: being able to immediately discover positive cases with the swab carried out at the entrance to the hospital. it allows us to better organize ourselves and protect children who have not contracted the infection “. This procedural revolution will make it possible to immediately isolate positive cases through the creation of separate paths that protect all young patients and families.

Progress during the first wave – It is not the first time that the researchers led by Professor Azzari set to work to protect the Meyer. In the midst of the pandemic, the laboratory came up with “Ugh”, a kit that allows you to carry out a nasal swab: through this system, all operators were able to constantly monitor their negativity to the virus, keeping hospitalized children safe.

How the syncytial virus works – As Meyer’s doctors explain in a note, the virus is very aggressive in younger children, especially under one year of age. All small patients need respiratory assistance, which involves the use of oxygen in high flows or a helmet; In the 20% of cases, the most serious, intensive care is required and the baby must be intubated. This virus has a seasonal pattern, usually located between December and March. This year it made its appearance as early as October, with a boom in admissions to the emergency room and a significant increase in hospitalizations in this period. “In recent years – he explains again Azzari – we had 30-40 children hospitalized every month. This year, only in this portion of the month of November, we hospitalized 130, which means four times more than the average “.

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