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Covid, because pollution increases the risk of severe symptoms

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Studies on the Covid, to try to better understand this invisible enemy and find a cure. And it is precisely from recent research that a connection has emerged betweenpollution and the onset of severe symptoms in case of infection. How can smog make the complications of the disease more serious?

Covid and pollution, the link

a new study highlights how pollution increases the risk of developing severe symptoms in the event of Covid. Researchers from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health surveyed over 9,600 people by analyzing some of their blood samples. The goal was to detect antibody levels against Coronavirus: a higher concentration would in fact indicate a high viral load and the onset of stronger symptoms.

It was evident that those most exposed to nitric oxide and fine particles have higher levels of antibodies. Furthermore, in all cases of symptomatic infection, a high presence of pollutants was found in combination with a more serious disease. The link between pollution and Covid has proved stronger in males over 60 and in those living in poorer areas, from a socio-economic point of view.

Some studies had already in the past related the smog to Covid. This research, published on Environment Health Perspectives, however, brings to light new elements. In particular, he revealed that pollution does not increase the risk of contracting the virus, but rather that of having more serious consequences – namely hospitalization or hospitalization. intensive care.

This is probably due to the fact that pollutants weaken the lungs, thus putting people at greater risk of developing problems such as flu or pneumonia. But not only that: air pollution is a factor that can favor the development of chronic cardiovascular diseases. These in turn are an additional risk of contracting Covid in a serious form.

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