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Covid bends the Black Knight: two gyms under eviction for unpaid rents

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Two closed gyms, about 2 thousand members who now remain with their subscription in hand and about seventy workers left at home. This is the toll of the eviction of the Cavaliere Nero gyms in the Alessandrino and Torre Angela districts.

An economic situation, aggravated by the crisis caused by the pandemic, with the closures imposed between 2020 and 2021, which prevented the owners of the business from coping, above all, with rents. “We barely paid bills and salaries with what we managed to collect in the few months that we were allowed to open – explains the owner, Ruggero Di Clemente -. The bankruptcy filing came from the owner of the Alexandrian walls and here we are with what is happening this morning. They make us close while there was still an ongoing negotiation to stay here at least until the end of the year, guaranteeing the continuation of an activity in favor of subscribers and workers “.

Thus, from the first light of this morning, Tuesday 11 January, the agents of the state police appeared at the gates of the two gyms together with the bankruptcy trustee and the bailiff.

“Nobody denies previous difficulties, but before the pandemic we were working and also quite well – continues Di Clemente -. After the months of closure imposed we were recovering and the proceeds, albeit few, were sufficient to pay at least expenses and salaries, while as government refreshments we got not even two thousand euros in total. It’s all over now. The owners of the walls, who never came to meet us for the payment of the rents, did not accept our counter offers and thus let their businesses close. Someone will have to answer for this “.

In addition to workers, there are subscribers who, as the owner reports, “currently there are about 2 thousand between the two gyms”. “They all expired around October 2022 – concludes Di Clemente -, which is why we asked to be able to continue working for another 12 months, but nothing. I will do everything possible to pay at least the outstanding salaries of the workers ”.


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