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Covid, Brusaferro: The vaccine for children is safe and curbs infections

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“All vaccines, including those for children, pass very rigorous tests and evaluations. They are not experimental products, they are safe and effective vaccines “. This was explained in a recent interview with Repubblica by Silvio Brusaferro, the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. Brusaferro underlined that “the correlation between infections and vaccination rates in the various countries is very clear, even around our borders. But we are not an island. Italy may be affected by the high rates of circulation of the virus in neighboring countries. For this we need to strengthen our two legs, vaccination and prudent behavior “.

“Will we have a peaceful Christmas? It depends on everyone’s behavior “


Covid, what can be done at Christmas? Here’s what the experts predict

Speaking of Christmas, Brusaferro stated that he would like to spend it peacefully next to his loved ones. “I will succeed? It doesn’t just depend on me, but on everyone’s behavior. “Vaccines are proving extremely effective in preventing severe disease. The protection against hospitalization and death remains above 90%. Six months after the second dose, the effectiveness decreases instead against the infection. If vaccinated individuals can become infected, it is also possible that they transmit the virus. So it is important to keep the masks even if immunized “. Brusaferro added that the swabs “are limited to photographing the presence or absence of the infection at the moment in which they are performed. We know that their accuracy is not 100% and that the virus can be encountered immediately after performing the test. Also this instrument therefore requires the adoption of prudent behavior “.

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“Getting infected is not a freedom”

The president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità recalled that “getting vaccinated is a choice of responsibility towards those who need to be treated for diseases other than Covid. Our behaviors are not only valid for ourselves, but they have a social impact. In a moment of emergency like this we must bring out our sense of solidarity, belonging and responsibility towards others ”. Speaking of no vaxes and no Green Passes that invoke the right to free choice, Brusaferro explained that getting infected is not a freedom, but “something that must be avoided as much as possible”. Those who choose not to get the vaccine endanger themselves and others, especially the most fragile sections of the population. As for antiviral pills, the ISS number one has stated that they will not replace vaccines. “They are different tools”. The vaccine will remain the primary means of prevention, but drugs will help treat those who become infected while being vaccinated.


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