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Covid: doctors order, restrictions to cool the curve – Health

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“We don’t need discounts on numbers, but interventions to reduce the pressure on hospitals. We need restrictive interventions to cool the curve and ease the pressure on hospitals. Let’s think about selective closures.” Thus the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli, on Tgcom24. “We had proposed a delay in the resumption of the school, recovering in June. That on the stadiums is an appreciated decision. We could intervene – he proposed – with temporary limitations of spectators for the shows and then resume normal activities from February onwards”.

All this, found Anelli, “to have less pressure on hospitals and less reduction in performance”.
“We need to think not about the numbers but about the progress of the pandemic. The pressure on hospitals is increasing: any hospitalized person, both because of Covid, and for other reasons but positive – underlined the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo ) – requires adequate assistance. All this does not need discounts, expedients to reduce the numbers on the card but interventions “. The wards “are converted into Covid wards, the anesthetists are moved to intensive care: this affects those who had to have an operation, or treat heart failure. In this way – he warns – assistance to all Italians is compromised”.

And, regarding the lack of the antibiotic azithromycin, he explained: “First of all, I hope that it is always dispensed with a medical prescription. The story was born in March 2020, when we knew almost nothing about Covid, we were faced with unknown pneumonia and it was associated also azithromycin to treatments. Then we all know that antibiotics do not work on viruses, they are prescribed to manage bacterial complications. Aifa does well to reiterate their uselessness and the need to use them only in particular cases and only behind medical prescription “.

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