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Covid: draft dl, health care no vax moved, demoted or with suspended salary

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Rome, 31 March (beraking latest news Salute) – Obligation to be vaccinated against Covid-19, with the possibility, in case of refusal, to be suspended or demoted, up to the suspension of the salary if necessary. This is what the draft of the decree law on the CDM table foresees, regarding the debated issue of no vax health workers.

“In order to protect public health and maintain adequate safety conditions in the provision of care and assistance services, the health professions and health professionals who carry out their activities in public health, social and social welfare structures and private individuals, pharmacies, parapharmacies and professional offices are obliged to undergo free vaccination for the prevention of Sars-CoV-2 infection. Vaccination is an essential requirement for the exercise of the profession and for the performance of work performed by the obliged subjects “, is made clear in the text.

Vaccination is mandatory but “it can be omitted or postponed only in the event of an ascertained danger to health, in relation to specific documented clinical conditions, certified by the general practitioner”. When an employee is not vaccinated, despite the obligation to undergo administration, “the competent local health company ascertains the non-compliance with the vaccination obligation and immediately informs the person concerned, the employer and the professional association of The adoption of the assessment act by the local health company determines the suspension of the right to perform services or tasks that involve interpersonal contacts or involve, in any other form, the risk of spreading the infection from SARS-CoV- 2″.

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The employer “assigns the worker, where possible, to tasks, even lower ones”, but “with the treatment corresponding to the tasks performed, and which, in any case, do not involve the risk of spreading the infection. When the assignment to different tasks does not it is possible, for the period of suspension referred to in paragraph 9, no remuneration, other remuneration or emolument, however called “, is due”. The suspension “remains effective until the vaccination obligation is fulfilled or, failing that, until the completion of the national vaccination plan and in any case no later than 31 December 2021”.

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