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Covid: Fiaso, slight increase in hospitalizations, +2.4% in 7 days – Italian hospitals

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Covid: Fiaso, slight increase in hospitalizations, +2.4% in 7 days – Italian hospitals

After more than two months, the hospitalization curve reverses: +2.4 in the last week, but the absolute numbers remain low. Intensive care is still stable. This is what emerges from the survey of the sentinel hospitals belonging to the network of the Italian Federation of Health and Hospital Companies dated 21 February 2023.
The rise in hospitalizations ‘due to Covid’ is more evident, i.e. patients with respiratory insufficiency or pneumonia, +15% of cases in ordinary hospitalization, however they continue to constitute a minority of cases with Sars Cov-2 infection (38.5%) in the hospitals.
Hospitalizations ‘With Covid’, i.e. patients who have arrived at the hospital for the treatment of other pathologies, are positive for the virus but do not have respiratory and pulmonary symptoms, they are stable.
They represent 61% of Covid patients. Over 80% have an average age of 72 and have been vaccinated for over 6 months. Intensive care stable with 2 new entrances compared to last week. The patients have an average age of 71 and are all subjects with comorbidities, therefore they are affected by other pathologies or frailties. The number of patients under the age of 18 hospitalized for or with Covid is also halved: there are now few units and none of them are hospitalized in intensive care. 60% are aged between 0 and 4 years.
“The drop in the number of patients hospitalized with Sars Cov-2 infection is interrupted this week. However, the numbers remain very low and do not worry hospital management”, comments the president of Fiaso, Giovanni Migliore, adding: “we are in a phase of “epidemic that still needs to be followed to monitor any changes, in particular we must pay attention to the trend of cases ‘For Covid’, it must be assessed whether it is a random oscillation or something else. The substantial stability for the rest of the patients depends on the still marked susceptibility of fragile people with other pathologies that have not been vaccinated or vaccinated for too long. For this reason we will not tire of renewing the appeal for vaccination against Covid and the administration of the booster in the right time for over 60s and subjects with frailty “.

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