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Covid: from the Ministry of Health indications for returning to work after illness

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Rome, April 13 (beraking latest news Salute) – “Workers who have tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, and who show symptoms of illness that are not serious and without having been hospitalized, can return to work after an isolation period of at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms (not considering anosmia and ageusia / dysgeusia which may have prolonged persistence over time) accompanied by a molecular test with negative result performed after at least 3 days without symptoms (10 days, of which at least 3 days without symptoms + test) “. The circular ‘Indications for the readmission to service of workers after absence due to Covid-19 related illness’ of the Ministry of Health, signed by the director general of Prevention Gianni Rezza, provides for this.

For asymptomatic positive workers, “for the entire period they can return to work after an isolation period of at least 10 days from the onset of positivity, at the end of which a molecular test is performed with a negative result (10 days + test)”.

Therefore, in the cases of symptomatic and asymptomatic positive workers, “for the purposes of reintegration, the worker sends, also electronically, to the employer through the competent doctor where appointed, the certification of negativization, according to the procedures provided for by current legislation “, specifies the document.

Another situation is that of workers who “became ill and experienced pneumonia or severe acute respiratory infection, and could have reduced lung capacity as a result of the disease (even up to 20-30% of lung function), with possible need to undergo cycles of respiratory physiotherapy – continues the circular – And an even more complex situation is that of subjects who have been hospitalized in intensive care, as they can continue to suffer from significant disorders, the presence of which requires particular attention for the purpose of job reintegration “.

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“Therefore – it is explained – the competent doctor, where appointed, for those workers who have been affected by Covid-19 for which hospitalization was required, upon presentation of the certification of negativization occurred in the manner provided for by current legislation, the scheduled medical examination (the one prior to resuming work following absence for health reasons lasting more than sixty continuous days), in order to verify suitability for the job – also to assess specific risk profiles – regardless of the duration of the ‘absence due to illness “.

For long-term positive workers, “after the twenty-first day they will be readmitted to work only after the negativization of the molecular or antigenic swab carried out in a facility accredited or authorized by the health service; the worker will take care to send this report, even electronically, to the employer, through the competent doctor, where appointed – the circular continues – The period that may elapse between the issuance of the certificate of termination of isolation pursuant to the circular of 12 October and the negativization, in the event that the worker does not can be used as an agile way of working, it must be covered by a certificate of extension of the illness issued by the attending physician “.

Finally, the worker who is a close contact of a positive case “informs his / her doctor who issues medical certification of illness unless the worker himself cannot be placed in an agile work regime – concludes the circular – For re-admission to service, the worker after having carried out a quarantine of 10 days from the last contact with the positive case, undergoes the execution of the swab and the report of negativity of the molecular or antigenic swab is transmitted by the public health department or by the laboratory where the test is was carried out to the worker who informs the employer through the competent doctor, if appointed “.

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