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Covid, “growing evidence on the dangers of booster mRNA vaccines on the immune system”: the study

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Covid, “growing evidence on the dangers of booster mRNA vaccines on the immune system”: the study


Over the past 24 months, growing evidence has emerged of one correlation between boosters of anti-Covid mRNA vaccines and theincreased prevalence of infection Covid and other pathologies. Recent studies have added possible causal links to the correlation”. That’s what you read in one studio by Alberto Boretti (Melbourne Institute of Technology), published on 27 January 2024 in the journal Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Boretti performed a narrative review with the aim of “discuss whether mRNA vaccine boosters compromise the response of the immune system in immunocompromised individuals”.

The administration of mRNA-based booster vaccines in individuals with compromised immune systems is an area of ​​debate,” writes Boretti in his review. “The issue of Covid immunity in immunocompromised individuals is critical and complex, with reliable specific supporting information mostly missing and an evolving situation nearly four years into the outbreak. Immunocompromised individuals generally have weakened immune systems and may not develop as strong an immune response to vaccines compared to healthy individuals. This may affect the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing serious infections or disease.”underlines the expert.

There are concerns about the frequent use of booster doses for Covid in immunocompromised individuals.”writes Boretti, underlining that “there are some apprehensions associated with their frequent administration. It is necessary to balance the benefits of strengthening immunity with the potential disadvantages, including decreased vaccine effectiveness and the risk of diminishing immune response over time”, continues the expert.

In his review, Boretti concludes that “a considerable amount of evidence points to a correlation and some recent studies even suggest a causal link, highlighting the potential for mRNA anti-Covid boosters to have negative effects on the immune system”. “This is particularly relevant in the case of immunocompromised individuals, where the overall cost-benefit ratio can skew towards the negative”, the expert writes again. In particular, we read in the study, “multiple doses of mRNA Covid vaccines can result in much higher levels of IgG 4 antibodies or even reduced activation of CD4 + and CD8 + T cells. The potential for mRNA vaccine boosters to compromise the immune system response requires careful consideration, as this impacts the cost-benefit ratio of practicing boosters.”

A comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation is essential to timely assess the implications of continued use of COVID-19 vaccine boosters for this specific population (immunocompromised individuals, ed.). Given the decreasing severity of the virus, as recognized in various jurisdictions, there are legitimate concerns about the frequent administration of booster shots to immunocompromised patients, raising questions about whether this practice may cause more harm than goodconcludes Boretti in his review.

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