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Covid, Iss: 81% of samples positive for the Omicron variant on January 3

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In Italy on 03 January the Omicron variant was predominant, with an estimated prevalence of 81%, with a regional variability between 33% and 100%, while the Delta was 19% of the sample examined. In the previous survey, and relating to the cases of December 20, 2021, the prevalence of Omicron was estimated at 21%.

Covid: short hospitalizations with Omicron, but able to send hospitals into havoc

by Fiammetta Cupellaro

These are the definitive results of the rapid survey conducted by the ISS and the Ministry of Health together with the regional laboratories and the Bruno Kessler Foundation. For the investigation – they explain from the ISS – the laboratories of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces were asked to select subsamples of positive cases and to sequence the genome of the virus. The sample “was chosen by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces at random from among the positive samples, guaranteeing a certain geographical representation and, if possible, for different age groups”. All Regions, 120 regional laboratories and the Military Health Laboratory participated in the survey and 2,632 samples were sequenced.

Omicron: contagiousness, incubation and symptoms. What do we know

by Noemi Penna

“These results, although not without limits – underlines the rapid flash survey of the ISS – show a rapid spread of the Omicron variant, in line with what has already been described recently in other European countries”. Furthermore, “we must not overlook the fact that the Delta variant co-circulates in the country, albeit with a prevalence that is progressively decreasing over time, which suggests a competitive disadvantage vis-à-vis Omicron”.

Omicron responds less to neutralizing antibodies but the vaccine works anyway

by Noemi Penna

In the current scenario, concludes the Higher Institute of Health, “it is necessary to continue to monitor with great attention, in line with national and international recommendations and with ministerial indications, the spread of circulating and / or emerging viral variants, and in in particular, those with greater transmissibility and / or with mutations related to a potential evasion of the immune response “.


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