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Covid, mix of vitamin D and Lactoferrin effective in prevention: the study

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Covid, mix of vitamin D and Lactoferrin effective in prevention: the study

The combined use of vitamin D and Lactoferrin is effective in preventing and contrasting the Coronavirus infection. The result emerges from an Italian study, published in the scientific journal ‘Word Journal of Clinical Cases’, signed by Massimiliano Cipriano, Enzo Ruberti and Marcos Roberto Tavani-Palone. The team of researchers, in fact, has experimented how the synergistic action of vitamin D and lactoferrin proves to be more effective than separate administration and field analysis has demonstrated how the joint use of the two supplements, under the spotlight in time pandemic, is an effective tool in the defense and prophylaxis of the infection, creating a ‘wave effect’ that attacks the border.

“Here the hourglass changes: it has been evaluated how the synergistic action of the two supplements can constitute a valid and effective therapeutic support in the prevention and contrast of Coronavirus“, explains Massimiliano Cipriano, researcher at the La Sapienza University of Rome. In practice ” the association of the two molecules determines, in addition to the useful effects already known with reference to the individual substances, a strengthening of the activity of vitamin D determined by Lactoferrin, which increases the expression of the number of receptors.The result – remarks Cipriano – is the grounding of greater action to contrast the spread of the virus”.

In the current scientific landscape – say the researchers – “particular attention has been paid to the potential role of Lactoferrin as a supplementary adjuvant, both in terms of prevention of SarS-CoV-2 infection and treatment of Covid-19, thanks to its ability to interact with different receptors.The results of recent research show that the cellular entry of the virus takes place via high affinity interactions between the receptor binding domain (Rbd) of the SarS-CoV-2 spike protein and the enzyme receptor of the human host angiotensin 2 (Ace2)”. However, “for cellular entry of the virus, there must also be interaction of SarS-CoV-2 with other molecules, including heparan sulfate and cellular proteases. “In particular – specifies Cipriano – the study shows how the binding of Lactoferrin with cellular components (heparan sulphates) and of the virus (spike) can prevent the first contact between the virus and the host cells, prev thus preventing the subsequent infection”.

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Lactoferrin, therefore, explains Cipriano, is able to perform two functions in cases of SarS-CoV-2 infection: “On the one hand it ‘sequesters’ the iron and the inflammatory molecules which increase considerably during the cytokine storm, on the the other occupies the receptors (Ace2/Rbd) and the Hspg, preventing the virus from binding to the host cells”.

“Several studies have shown that viral ribonucleic acid (RnA) in the upper airways has higher viral loads than in the throat, in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. This suggests that the nasal epithelium may be an important site for ‘initial infection, acting as a ‘key reservoir’ for viral spread through the respiratory mucosa”.

In the light of these considerations, it is hypothesized that the local treatment of the nasal mucosa with Lactoferrin, which acts as a natural barrier, could counteract the viral colonization of the respiratory epithelium. “These results – sums up Cipriano – suggest that Lactoferrin could be a supplement to be used in both asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients to prevent the exacerbation of Covid-19. In this sense, the combined use of Lactoferrin, through a The association of oral intake (in liposomal form) and a nasal spray formulation, together with vitamin D, could represent a valid therapy for the treatment and prevention of Coronavirus disease. However, further randomized clinical trials are needed before recommend them for the treatment and prophylaxis of patients suffering from the infection – concludes the researcher – but this is the way to go”.

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