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Covid, neurological symptoms can last for over two years. The Lancet study

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Covid, neurological symptoms can last for over two years.  The Lancet study

Signs over two years since healing

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“From the early stages of the pandemic, Covid-19 is known to be associated with an increased risk of many neurological and psychiatric sequelae. However, more than 2 years after the diagnosis of the first case, three important questions remain unanswered: first, we do not know if or when the risks of various post-Covid-19 outcomes return to baseline; secondly, the risk profile in the different age groups; third, whether or not risk profiles have changed with the emergence of different variants, ”the researchers write. The study therefore focused on these three factors, with surprising results to say the least. Among adults it would have emerged that in as many as 640 patients every 10 thousand, two years after recovery, the symptoms of ‘brain fog’ persisted, a sort of sense of persistent mental fatigue that affects those recovering from the disease, and which makes activities more tiring. everyday. A figure, the researchers analyzed, which increases by far in the over 65s, with about 1,540 adults per 10 thousand suffering from this ‘disease’.

What the experts say

“These long-term effects were not absent in severe respiratory infections of the pre-pandemic era,” the researchers noted. However, with the arrival of Covid, these rates have been higher. These effects, however, do not spare children either, although the data show that neurological and psychiatric problems are much rarer. Out of 10,000 subjects, 260 still suffered from seizures (double that of the control group), and 18 from psychotic disorders (compared to 6 in the control group). The study confirmed Delta’s aggression over all other variants, with symptoms being more aggressive. Omicron, the latest to register a significant increase in numbers, would seem to have the same characteristics as the Delta variant, despite its lower aggressiveness.

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