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Covid, Novavax vaccine: why it is different from others

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Novavax’s Covid vaccine could be the fifth authorized in the European Union: the European Medicines Agency is evaluating the application for conditional marketing authorization.

Ema begins evaluation of Novavax vaccine: maybe ok in a few weeks

It is based on recombinant protein technology, which has already been used for other vaccines, including pediatric ones. Spike proteins are created from a virus RNA sequence in the laboratory. Through purification steps the “spikes” are assembled into nanoparticles mimicking the structure of the coronavirus. This conformation mimics the virus in its form, but cannot replicate itself or cause disease. Once inoculated (with a molecule used as an adjuvant, saponin) they behave like those of Sars-Cov-2. They cause the immune system to react, which in the future will be able to recognize and fight a Sars-Cov-2 infection

Novavax, a Covid vaccine different from all the ones we have

by Daniele Banfi

For efficacy, safety and ease of storage, this vaccine is viewed with interest as a “booster” for the third dose.


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