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Covid: parents fight over the vaccine and two minors go to the judge – Health

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While Sardinia records a vaccine rush for school-age children, reaching first place in Italy there are two cases of minors who had to go to court to be immunized.

The first case, relaunched from the pages of the Sardinian Union, has as its protagonist a 16-year-old authorized by the judges of the first civil section of Cagliari to undergo the vaccine. The dispute was born in the family – explains the newspaper – between separated parents: the mother in favor of administration, the father against. This is the second decision taken in this sense by the Cagliari court which now observes that “there are no specific contraindications for the health of the minor” and that the administration “is in any case subject to medical control at the time of inoculation”.

A similar case in Nuoro, revealed by La Nuova Sardegna: parents do not agree on the vaccine with the mother, a doctor no vax suspended from work and a father who instead married the cause of the 15-year-old son who in the end won it. The decree – writes the newspaper – established that the parenting faculty of the mother was temporarily suspended to allow only the father to sign the relative informed consent.

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