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Covid: patient treated with stem cell autotransplantation – Medicine

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The experimental treatment of stem cell autotransplantation in a Covid patient suffering from medium-severe clinical form of interstitium-alveolar viral pneumonia, subjected to traditional therapies, can produce significant therapeutic effects against the disease in progress. This is what emerges from the case report published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, which reports the case of the experimental stem cell transplantation treatment carried out on a 56-year-old male patient suffering from Covid pneumonia, performed at the 118 First Intervention Point of the Moscati hospital in Taranto shortly before admission to Pneumology.
The procedure followed starts with a venous sampling, putting the plasma in contact, after having made it settle in test tubes for 120 minutes, with antioxidants, and injecting them under the skin to the patient, with the procedure repeated several times in the following weeks. “By virtue of the properties of tissue repair and regeneration, as well as of immunomodulation – reads the report – the stem cell autotransplant is a self biological protection, that is generated by cells of our own organism”.
In the patient treated with autotransplant, “a rapid negativization (on the tenth day) during hospitalization and the total disappearance of inflammatory and fibrotic pulmonary outcomes just 40 days after admission, highlighted by comparing the CT of the chest at the entrance and at the 40th day. day. Events considered unusual when compared to clinical findings of similar cases, for criteria of the same level of severity, in the same periods of the clinical course “.
“The case report obviously has no claim to reach any definitive conclusion”, explains Mario Balzanelli, director of the 118 System of Taranto, and first author of the study, “but it intends to represent a useful stimulus for the start of further experiments dedicated to hospital level “.

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