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Covid patients discharged from regional hospitals will receive free benefits for two years

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A resolution of the Regional Council established, on the proposal of the deputy governor with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi, that the people assisted and then discharged from the hospital once recovered from Covid-19 will have guaranteed free of charge outpatient specialist services for two years with effect from 25 July 2021. The services thus established will be marked with the exemption code CV2123. The resolution derives from the national law 106 which contains “Covid-19 emergency emergency measures for businesses, work, young people, health and local services”.

«Friuli Venezia Giulia adopts the national law and applies – explained the vice president Riccardi – a dutiful provision for people who have experienced the difficult phase of hospitalization due to the coronavirus and who need to undergo specialist visits aimed at monitoring the after-effects of Covid, without any outlay on their part».

What visits

The services that are recognized refer to the health monitoring after the illness: anamnesis and evaluation of the physical state, blood and urine analysis, cardiological and pneumological services up to visits to the ENT, including angiology, neurology, anesthesiology, internal medicine, neurology, immunotransfusion checkup, geriatrics, pediatrics, hematology, rheumatology, nephrology, infectious diseases, physical medicine and rehabilitation.


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