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Covid Romania, the situation between full intensive care units and collapsing hospitals. VIDEO

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The fourth wave of Covid-19 has invested and brought much of Eastern Europe to its knees. Sky TG24 was in Romania, one of the most affected countries, where intensive care is full and hospitals are in collapse. Here the virus circulates undisturbed because the percentage of vaccinated in the country is still too low. Romania today looks like the Italy of a year ago with one big difference: in Italy people died a lot because there was still no vaccine. Here, on the other hand, the vaccine exists and is distributed in the best possible way, in large quantities and widely but misinformation, ignorance, fake news and the calls not to be vaccinated by Orthodox priests have caused a feeling of great distrust to grow in the population. in the messages disseminated by the institutions. (COVID: THE LATEST NEWS LIVE – COVID VACCINE: DATA AND GRAPHICS ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

The situation in Romania


Covid in Italy and in the world, the news of today 15 November. LIVE

Most of the population then lives outside the cities, isolated, in the countryside: without information, without internet and without livelihood. Over a million Romanians live and work in Italy, most of the time they look after our elderly, they take care of the lives of the most vulnerable. Some of them, in order not to get vaccinated, left our country and returned to Romania. Others, however, despite the distance and the fear of getting sick away from home, have chosen to get vaccinated to protect not only their own lives but also and above all those of our elderly.

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