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Covid, serious patients less long-term protected from the virus – Medicine

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(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 27 – Immunity against coronavirus remains stronger in the months following the infection if the infection has not caused a serious illness; the immunity of those recovered who have had the infection in a severe form is instead reduced after months.

This is indicated by the study conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and published in the journal PlosOne.

The experts compared blood samples from two groups of patients recovered from Covid, one and then five months after infection; one group had become seriously ill and needed oxygen support and intensive care. It emerged that one month after the infection there are differences in the immune memory between those recovered from severe Covid and those who have not become seriously ill: the latter have a higher concentration of specific immune cells against the spike protein, the lymphocytes B of memory. At 5 months after infection, immunity wanes in the whole sample, but the experts observed that in those recovered from severe Covid the immune response at five months is more dysfunctional than that of non-serious patients.

“The higher percentage of B cells associated with long-term immunity in non-serious patients – the authors write – could have consequences for the protection from the risk of re-infection with the SarsCoV2 virus and for the severity of any disease”. The most serious Covid patients, therefore, could be more at risk of reinfection months after the first infection. (HANDLE).

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