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Covid, skips suspension of fines for unvaccinated

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Covid, skips suspension of fines for unvaccinated

The government has filed its package of amendments to the dl aid ter under discussion in the special committee in the Chamber. These are 4 proposed changes ranging from excise duties on fuel to home loans for young people under 36. The package does not include the amendment announced by the government regarding the freezing of fines for those who do not comply with vaccination requirements. . It was not presented because it was at risk of inadmissibility. In recent days, there was the OK of the Mef on the proposed amendment but – according to what is reported by parliamentary sources – it is not excluded that the issue will be dealt with in a subsequent provision

Match postponed

The game is postponed to the dl aid quater, if the government says yes. Meanwhile, for one million no vax, the “nightmare” of the 100 euro folder returns. Yet only 24 hours ago Marcello Gemmato, Undersecretary of Health, guest of ‘TimeLine’ on SkyTg24, answering on what the Government will do with the fines for over 50s who have not vaccinated against Covid had declared: “We are thinking of postponing the fines »for over 50s not vaccinated against Covid-19, there is a recognition of what is also happening in other countries. Only Italy, Greece and Spain have applied the fine to those who have not been vaccinated. In a historical moment like this, where there is little money, going to take away 100 euros from those who look at 600 can be a problem “

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The pressing of the League

The initial idea was to freeze the 100 euro fines of over 50s until June who, before June 15, 2022, did not comply with the vaccination obligations on Covid, including those who did not carry out the third dose. Moreover, no later than yesterday the League pressed on this point by making an appeal to the new Minister of Health in the Chamber. “We ask the new Minister of Health – said the group leader Massimiliano Romeo – to proceed with a sort of pacification. Can we cancel the fines that come to those who have not been vaccinated once and for all? “.

The penalty of 100 euros

The 100 euro fine, introduced at the beginning of 2022 to support and relaunch the vaccination campaign, applies to people over 50 who had not been vaccinated between January 8 and June 15. Sanction that also goes to doctors and health workers, workers employed in residential, social welfare and social health facilities, or to school staff, the defense, security and public aid sector, the local police, prisons, universities, institutions of high artistic, musical and dance training and higher technical institutes which, again as of June 15, 2022, had not started the primary vaccination cycle, who had not yet carried out the second dose of completion of the primary vaccination cycle, in compliance with the indications and of the terms established by the Ministry of Health or who had not carried out the booster dose following the vaccination cycle (dose booster) within the terms of validity of the green pass.

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