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Covid: Spain thinks about outdoor smoking ban, ‘virus carrier aerosol’ experts

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Rome, April 20 (beraking latest news Salute) – In Spain there is a growing movement calling for restrictive measures to ban smoking outdoors. The aerosol ‘cloud’ produced by traditional and electronic cigarettes could be a vector of the virus especially in places, such as terraces or dehors, where the distance between customers is reduced.

According to José Luis Díaz-Maroto Muñoz, Communications Manager Grupo de Tabaquismo de Semergen (Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria), “whoever exhales the smoke projects it from a greater distance than when speaking or breathing. aerosol that transmits the virus at least 8 meters away. This is why it is important not to smoke outdoors when you are close to people “.

In Spain, some autonomous communities – writes ‘El Pais’ – are working on a ban on smoking outdoors. “The distance of one and a half meters between the chairs of diners in an open-air restaurant is enough if customers just talk and eat – warns Díaz-Maroto Muñoz – But it’s not good if you smoke a cigarette”.

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