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Covid: still pandemic phase. Mask at work, you decide – Health

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Covid: still pandemic phase.  Mask at work, you decide – Health

Lights and shadows in this new epidemic phase from Covid-19 in Italy which sees contagions run but not disease and deaths. And data in hand, tomorrow, Monday 27 June, technical meeting between the Ministry of Labor, Health and Inail as part of the table, already open, to evaluate an update of the anti-Covid security protocol in the workplace which, at the moment, is still in force and provides, among other measures, the obligation of masks in cases of sharing environments .

Meanwhile, the experts come up with a picture according to which, as the president of the Higher Institute of Health points out, Silvio Brusaferro, we are still “in the pandemic phase” with the current epidemic wave that “will grow further”. “The whole control system is fully operational – she says – and the sub-variant Omicron 5 is being carefully monitored. The virus should not be underestimated”. The weekly incidence has in fact risen from 310 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants last week to the current 504.

“A very significant rise” with a replication index, the Rt, higher than 1. The currently positive ones are also rising which in the last 24 hours, according to the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health, are 733,440, almost 30 thousand more in the last 24 hours. And the bulletin also shows a drop in antigenic and molecular tampons, 199,340 against 258,456 yesterday with a positivity rate that rises to 24.3% on yesterday’s 21.8%. In total there are 48,456 new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours (yesterday 56,386), 44 victims (yesterday 40). Intensive care is stable with 227 hospitalized patients, two more, while hospitalizations in ordinary wards are on the rise: 5,532 patients, or 190 more than yesterday.

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Hospital doctors: ‘Extraordinary measures to avoid hospital collapse’
“Extraordinary measures to avoid the collapse of the entire hospital healthcare” and “an increase in current expenditure for an adaptation of the staff, both in the emergency room and in the wards, together with the increase in ordinary beds”. This was asked by the outgoing national secretary of the union of hospital doctors Anaao Assomed, Carlo Palermo, in his report at the 25th National Congress of the Association underway in Naples.

But, he warns, we need “structural interventions, not buffer measures”in order to “avoid that the right to health is entrusted to the credit card as well as to the place of residence”.

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