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Covid, stop the obligation of masks on means of transport and hospitals: virologists are divided

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Covid, stop the obligation of masks on means of transport and hospitals: virologists are divided

From 1 October, the obligation to wear the mask on bus, train, metro and in hospitals, medical clinics and RSA. According to beraking latest news Health, the Ministry of Health would not be willing to intervene between now and 30 September, extending the obligation with a new order. Instead, there could be a recommendation from the dicastery to wear it in case of gatherings. The question of the obligation of the Ffp2 mask in hospitals, clinics and Rsa, is the most delicate one and if there should be a more marked resurgence of the epidemiological curve, an intervention could arrive after 1 October only for this type of places.


“If we abolish the use of masks with a germ that is so contagious today – each person infects about 19 – we give it the green light, especially in hospitals where people go to be treated and would run the risk of becoming infected, not to mention the risks of health workers “. Walter Ricciardi, professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University, told beraking latest news Salute about the expiration, on September 30, of the obligation to wear the protective device on public transport and in health facilities.

«I hope that there is an extension of the obligation in these environments – continues Ricciardi – because otherwise the current trend of rising infections, triggered by the restart of the schools, will become even faster. There will already be problems, in a few weeks, for the rise of the pandemic curve in progress ». An example of the risks is represented by the British experience.

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“In the United Kingdom, where all precautions have been abolished – underlines the expert – today they have 200 thousand health workers with Long Covid and between 2 and 3 million citizens with aftermath of the infection. The virus, therefore, must be countered and the use of masks in closed and crowded places is one of the tools to do so. Of course, the main means of contrast remains vaccination and even on this we are late. If we do not restore an active fighting strategy that somehow anticipates the virus, it is clear that we expose ourselves to problems, especially between October and November “, he concludes, highlighting that” the use of masks is still fundamental “.


In this phase of epidemic “yes” to the stop of the use of masks in trains and public transport which expires on 30 September. To agree with the end of the measure the virologist of the State University and medical director of the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasco who says: «We have earned it. We are in a phase in which prescriptions can be assessed and graded in some way. I also see it on the train, people are now fed up with masks. We earned it by having a good share of vaccinated people. But the appeal for the frail is always timely, they have to make reminders ».

But, adds Pregliasco, “we must be ready, and prepare to plan new scenarios. It is right to graduate the measures according to the intensity of the spread of Covid. And, with regard to this current increase in cases “we hope it is only a wave of recovery and not a new wave”, concludes Pregliasco.

Last updated: Tuesday 27 September 2022, 15:26

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