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Covid, the prevention measures updated by the Region, on the basis of the new ministerial indications – Health

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Covid, the prevention measures updated by the Region, on the basis of the new ministerial indications – Health

Donini: “Encourage the relationship between patients, visitors, family members and caregivers to ensure the humanization of care”

The document, drawn up with the support of the Scientific Technical Committee for Community Health, was shared by the management of the Department of Health Policies with the Health Trusts and trade unions

February 7, 2023 – Restored free access to hospital facilities by visitors and carers, repealed the obligation of green certificationremodeled the screening and isolations: the Emilia Romagna region redefines with the local health authorities measures for the prevention and containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, also in the light of the new regulations introduced by the Government. However, keeping the attention high to counter Sars-Cov-2 through the vaccination and the behaviors that facilitate it prevention, which one is correct sanitation of the hands, the use of maskslo screening and theisolation when deemed necessary.

“We have entered a phase where, thanks to the enormous efforts made for prevention and vaccination, we can regain normality of relationships – comments Raffaele Donini, councilor for health policies -. We must therefore have faith in our health system and get used to fight the virus with simple prudence and common sense behaviorswithout compromising our freedom. It is therefore right to encourage the relationship between patients, visitors, family members and caregivers for ensure the humanization of caremaintain screening when a patient enters the hospital, for his safety and that of others, just as it is important continue to wear masks when entering a healthcare facility. Even if the critical phase is behind us, we need to keep our attention high and continue to get vaccinated, especially to protect the most fragile; vaccination – we will never get tired of saying it – is always the most important tool for preventing and limiting the damage of the infection”.

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The main indications

The document, shared by the general directorate of the regional councilorship for health policies with the Healthcare companies eh labor unions category, was elaborated with the contribution of Community Health Scientific Technical Committee (CTSSC)a permanent management support and technical consultancy body, made up of members chosen from experts in health matters, called upon to formulate proposals and opinions.

Four main points considered: access to facilities (residential, social welfare, social health, hospice, hospital wards, first aid and DEA (Emergency Department), the methods of screening for access, management of isolations and the organization of Covid departments.

L’access is free, in compliance with the organizational methods and visiting hours set by each facility, also on the basis of the pathology. Repealed the green certification (green pass) remains though the obligation to wear protective equipment respiratory system for anyone who enters: staff, visitors, carers, caregivers and external subjects (suppliers, volunteers, technicians). The obligation of the mask is foreseen by theordinance of 29 December 2022 of the Ministry of Healthwhich has extended its use until April 30, 2023. It is also recommended to sanitize your hands carefully and avoid gatherings.

Lo screening through antigen or molecular testing remains obligatory for patients upon admission to the hospital, while in the emergency room or in the DEA only in the case of the presence of respiratory symptoms; it should not be repeated during hospitalization unless symptoms appear. It is recommended to repeat these tests weekly only for wards that host subjects with severe immunodeficiency, such as transplant recipients or oncohaematological patients. The test is not foreseen for patients who have been healed for less than 90 days. Screening is no longer necessary provided every 30 days for the healthcare professionalsunless they are symptomatic.

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As regards theisolationfor patients who they can be discharged is expected to last for 5 dayi from the first positive test or from the onset of symptoms, with the recommendation to use FFP2 masks at home for another 5 days. For patients not intended for resignation it is necessary to provide a 10 day isolation from the first positive test or from the onset of symptoms. This period can be interrupted early in the event of a negative swab. For patients immunosuppressedfinally, the foreseen period of isolation is interrupted only with a negative antigen test.

I close contacts in the welfare field they should be identified in the roommates while in the socio-medical structures they will also include the other guests with whom spaces or activities have been shared. Healthcare professionals and visitors will be included among close contacts only if it is demonstrated that they have not used personal protective equipment correctly.

Some will remain active at company and provincial level departments dedicated exclusively to patients with Covid-19in cases where the the main symptomatology regards the respiratory system. In all other cases, patients who test positive for swabs will be housed in the departments most suited to their care needs, albeit in isolation for the necessary time.

Back to normal

Back to normal, then, even for health education activities and initiatives in attendance – such as, for example, birth accompanying courses – as well as for measures in funeral matter: in fact, the prevention measures in force before the health emergency are back in force.

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Finally, the document invites us to favor people’s access to maternity wards to allow you to look after the newborn, always in compliance with the preventive hygienic-sanitary measures.

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