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Covid, the vaccine reduces the risk of death even in intensive care

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Covid, the vaccine reduces the risk of death even in intensive care

The Covid vaccine is able to significantly reduce the risk of death even in people who develop infections and have already been vaccinated. This is confirmed by a study conducted by the Italian group for the evaluation of interventions in intensive care (Giviti), coordinated by the Mario Negri Irccs Institute for Pharmacological Research, published in the journal Intensive care medicineofficial organ of the European society of intensive care.

Covid vaccines, the confirmation: the booster protects everyone, even the most fragile

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I study

The research, coordinated by the Mario Negri Clinical Data Science laboratory, enrolled around 1,000 patients from 27 intensive care units over the course of a year (from 1 June 2021 to 31 June 2022). Of the 916 patients admitted to the intensive care unit, 262 were vaccinated (28.6%). Vaccinated patients were older (71 vs. 63 years), and had a higher incidence of comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, neoplasms, etc. (91.2% vs. 65.7%) of unvaccinated patients. The analysis, conducted with data collected with an advanced software called prosafe, made it possible to attribute to groups of patients with similar conditions, in terms of age, presence of comorbidities, and different clinical conditions upon admission to intensive care, the probability of death and to estimate the reduction of mortality thanks to vaccination.

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“For example,” he explains Stefano Finazzi, head of the Clinical data science laboratory of Mario Negri- in Covid patients admitted to intensive care with 50% mortality, the model used made it possible to estimate that vaccination reduces the risk of death to about 40% “.

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Second Mario TablePresident Giviti, these data “highlight the need for a recall strategy in the frail population (elderly with comorbidities) who could be at risk of break-through infection”.

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