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Covid today, the Emilia Romagna bulletin of 23 June 2022. Infections and deaths

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Covid today, the Emilia Romagna bulletin of 23 June 2022. Infections and deaths

Bologna, 23 June 2022 – Continue a climb the contagion curve: yesterday, only in the province of Bologna, was touched on share one thousand, data reminiscent of those of last December. And the infections among the little ones, as confirmation Marcello Lanari, Director of the Pediatric Emergency Department and of the Pediatric Emergency Department of Sant’Orsola. In fact, I have been for the past half month visits to the emergency room tripled of Covid-positive children, Lanari said, although he added that hospitalization is not necessary symptoms improve in the next days.

The Gimbe report: surge in infections, + 58.9% in one week

The Gimbe Foundation took over in the week between 15 and 21 June a 58.9% surge in infections from Covid-19 compared to the previous seven days, with a 14.4% increase in ordinary hospitalizations and in terapie intensive del 12,6%. On the other hand, the data relating to deaths, down by 19%.

The weekly monitoring of the Foundation revealed an increase in new cases (255,442) in all Italian regions, with the increase of over 700 “Covid beds” in ten days. The provinces in which there is an increase in infections rise from 99 to 105, and in 16 the incidence exceeds 500 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, including Rimini (583), Forlì-Cesena (570), Ravenna (555) and Bologna (502).

The clear recovery of viral circulation, with already evident effects on hospitals, is attributable to the diffusion of the variants “Ba.4” and “Ba.5” and for this the independent body underlines how it is “fundamental wear masks indoors e strengthen the vaccination campaign“. The percentages of those who received were stable at least one dose of the vaccine (88.1% of the audience) and of those who have completed the vaccination cycle (86.6% of the audience). People non vaccinate they are still well 6.85 million, of which 2.82 million recovered are protected only temporarily, while 7.98 million people have not yet received the third dose, of which 2.47 million recovered who cannot receive it immediately.

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As for the coverage with fourth doses of the immunocompromised, the Gimbe Foundation highlights clear regional differences, as well as for covering the other fragile ones. The only positive countertrend is that relating to deaths that fall again: in the last seven days there have been 337 (of which 52 referring to previous periods), with an average of 48 per day compared to 59 the previous week.

Covid Emilia Romagna, today’s data

While waiting for today’s bulletin data, the trend of recent days: the curve of new infections from Covid-19 continues to rise, yesterday with 4,585 new cases in Emilia Romagna, with a 27% positivity rate.

Le victims 7 linked to the pandemic yesterday.

I hospitalized patients in therapies intensive of Emilia-Romagna yesterday were 29, while the patients treated in the other Covid departments 757.

Bulletin Italy 23 June 2022

Even at the national level, it is clear growth the epidemic curve. Yesterday i new cases were 53,905, with the rate of positivity rose again from 21.4% to 21.9%, never higher since last winter.

Yesterday i there were 50 deathsthus bringing the total death toll since the beginning of the pandemic to 167,892.

Admissions were also increasing yesterday: the terapie intensive there were 10 more, 216 in all, while in the ordinary departments yesterday there were 144 more patients, for a total of 4,947.

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