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Covid vaccine and menstrual cycle: a study reports alterations for 42% of women

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Covid vaccine and menstrual cycle: a study reports alterations for 42% of women

“42.1% of the participants reported a more intense menstrual cycle” after undergoing the anti Covid vaccination: this is what emerged from an observational study recently published in the journal Science Advances, which involved over 35,000 women. “At the beginning of 2021, many people have started to report experiencing unexpected menstrual bleeding after inoculation “say the authors of the work, who for this reason decided to study this emerging phenomenon through a survey conducted between April and June 2021. From this it emerged, within the group composed of people who had a regular menstrual cycle, that over four out of ten women had a more intense cycle, while 43.6% of the sample did not report alterations in the cycle after the vaccine and 14.3% reported the reverse problem, or a less intense menstrual cycle.

Coming instead to the group of people who did not have menstruation, it was made up of two groups: premenopausal people – who “used reversible long-acting contraceptives (LARC) and / or continuous hormonal contraceptives and / or treatment for gender affirmation that eliminates menstruation ”- and postmenopausal people over the age of 55 who have not lost blood for at least 12 months. Among premenopausal participants without menstruation because undergoing hormonal treatment, the majority “experienced breakthrough bleeding after the vaccine”. The problem was also reported by 70.5% of those who used only long-acting reversible contraceptives and by 38.5% of those who referred to treatments for gender affirmation. Of the postmenopausal people who were not on hormone treatment, however, 66% reported breakthrough bleeding.

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The researchers point out that the study, based on self-reported experiences, cannot establish a causal link between the vaccine and changes in the menstrual cycle nor can it be considered predictive of any alterations in the general population. However, it is still a work of objective relevance, not only because it only included vaccinated people without a previous diagnosis of Covid-19, sometimes associated with changes in the menstrual cycle, but also because the researchers did not take considering the data of the age group 45-55 years to avoid confounding factors related to perimenopause, generally characterized by menstrual changes.

Furthermore, the study published in Science Advancescomes to results similar to those obtained by an Italian research carried out last March from which some irregularities in the menstrual cycle emerged of a group of vaccinated women. The work, which involved a sample of 164 women, in fact highlighted that “about 50-60% of women of reproductive age who received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine reported menstrual cycle irregularities, regardless of type of vaccine administered “. “The occurrence of menstrual irregularities appears to be slightly higher (60-70%) after the second dose”, the research also reads, which also points out that “menstrual irregularities after the first and second dose of vaccine resolved in about half of the cases within two months “.

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