Home Health Covid vaccine, riddle on the third dose. Saltamartini: “The Marches are ready”

Covid vaccine, riddle on the third dose. Saltamartini: “The Marches are ready”

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ANCONA – Israel started on July 30, five months after the first round of vaccinations against Covid. The US will leave on September 20, eight months after the start of the inoculations, but also France and Germany who will offer the third dose of serum, to the most fragile subjects. Instead in Italy, and in the Walk, the booster used to further raise the immune shield in a pandemic emergency, is still an evolving hypothesis.

The situation

“The Italian Medicines Agency has not yet expressed itself on the matter – underlines the Regional Health Councilor, Filippo Saltamartini – and up to now it has not even been discussed in the control room. But it will be a knot to be solved especially in the coming weeks, also because Israel, which is the first country to be vaccinated, has already started with the reinforcement dose ». Pfizer and Biontech have announced the presentation to the FDA, the American Food and Drug Administration, the initial data in support of the third dose of vaccine for Covid 19. “The data show a favorable safety profile and a robust immune response – reads in a note – . A further dose within 6-12 months of primary vaccination will help maintain a high level of protection against the virus. ‘ In the event that this goes in this direction, the Marche is ready to trigger the plan as soon as the ministry gives the green light.
“In the USA we will start with the health personnel and the guests of the nursing homes who were the first to be vaccinated – explains the commissioner -: in our region the first doses were injected on December 27 to health professionals and RSAs. We can make the boosters at any time if the need for the third dose is assessed. ” Until today, with the acceleration of the Delta variant, despite the increase in summer infections, the hospital situation remains under control. Of the 53 patients admitted to health facilities, 9 are in intensive care and 6 in semi-intensive care: “These are unvaccinated patients and we have seen that the people who received the doses, if they test positive, overcome the virus without having to resort to hospital treatment. These data are so unequivocal that in recent weeks we have registered an increase in bookings, even among young people ».
The high percentages
The Marches are second, after Lombardy, in the ratio between vaccines delivered and administered, with 1,889,698 sera already injected into the population. “It is clear that we will have to start again from the fragile population and from the health workers in the event of a third dose – Saltamartini emphasizes – but we have a database that will allow us to leave as soon as they give us the green light”. The issue will have to be addressed precisely for those who vaccinated at the beginning of the year, as underlined by the expert from the Marche region Massimo Clementi, director of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and professor at the Vita-Salute University: “I believe that the third dose will at least be recommended to frail people, with pathologies and over 70. Other countries have already taken this path. From Israel, which has chosen to cover the over 60s with another anti-Covid vaccine booster, to Germany, which begins with groups at risk. And I think we will all get there ».

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