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Covid vaccines, because the French don’t like Moderna

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AFTER AstraZeneca, another vaccine becomes a victim of the distrust of the French, the American Moderna. Indeed it seems that the problems linked to AstraZeneca have made the Moderna vaccine a “collateral victim”. The explanation of what is happening, especially among the inhabitants of the Paris region in France, is by Frederic Adnet, a doctor from the Avicenne hospital who had the list of people who refused the vaccine extended.

Astrazeneca, the vaccine that divides Europe: age restrictions and country-by-country restrictions

“People confuse AstraZeneca and Moderna. Explaining is useless, we repeat to everyone that Moderna is the same thing as Pfizer, they work with the same principle, the RNAs are a little different, but in terms of side effects and effectiveness they are exactly the same ”, explained Adnet. The situation is delicate. The managers of the largest ‘vaccinodrome’ in France, which will welcome 10,000 patients a week, are faced with a sensational imbalance between the choices of the inhabitants of the Paris region: among the 6,700 appointments already made online for this week, almost all said she wanted to be vaccinated with Pfizer / BioNTech, while hundreds of appointments still remain available for the Moderna vaccine, which uses Pfizer’s identical messenger mRNA technique and is declared 90% effective with good protection against variants.

Covid-19, the difficult study of side effects

by Priscilla Di Thiene

However, it is difficult for the experts to understand – after the reticence for AstraZeneca following the rare cases of thrombosis that have occurred – that for Moderna: “We cannot explain this low popularity of Moderna – he says to The Parisian Katy Bontinck, councilor for health of Seine-Saint-Denis, the department of the Stade de France – perhaps because so far it has been less used in France and is therefore less well-known “. The hypothesis of Dr. Adnet remains, head of one of the vaccination centers in the region of Paris: Moderna could just be a victim of a misunderstanding that associates it with AstraZeneca. “The names look alike – he ventures – people confuse them.” And while trying to clarify, intensive care in France is collapsing and the whole country has about 50,000 infections a day.

Coronavirus, the identikit of the variants: the Japanese after the English and the Brazilian

by Daniele Banfi


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