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Covid vaccines: the truth about the fake news of the Hades inflammatory reaction

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“PHENOMENON Hades. That’s why people die after Covid vaccines“. The last chain that runs on Whatsapp concerns the vaccines and cases of deaths following immunization. The message cites the explanations of a chief physician of cardiology and for this reason many have considered it reliable, thus starting a tam tam between the various chats to spread the new ‘truth’ about vaccines and the risks that would be run in getting them. All false as happened for other hoaxes circulated in this pandemic year. The infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli of the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the Sacco hospital in Milan, brought up in the fake message, explains what the Hades phenomenon is and why there is nothing true in this chain of posts and text messages.

The Whats App about the Hades phenomenon

In recent days, a chain of messages has begun to circulate that reports the alleged explanation as to why people die of heart attack after Covid vaccines. According to what was reported in the Whatsapp, the responsibility would lie in the so-called Hades phenomenon, “… an inflammatory amplification of the response derived from antibodies. In summary, if one has done Covid, even realizing it but above all the famous asymptomatic ones, an amplification of the antibody response is determined. We must be sure that we have not had contact with the virus and that we do not have antibodies, otherwise we risk the Hades phenomenon… .. ”. The message bears the signature of Fabrizio Salvucci, cardiologist surgeon, health director not of a public facility, but of a private medical center in Pavia. Also cited are Professor Massimo Galli and Giovanni Maga, director of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the National Research Council of Pavia who – according to the message – would be advising to do the serological test before the vaccine.

The denial

The same doctor Fabrizio Salvucci he then denied the message with a post on Facebook even if, in truth, on his website, in an attempt to give an explanation to what he had defined as the ‘Bolzano paradox’, that is the greater prevalence of Covid patients in the areas in whose vaccination campaign is more intense, he had posted a text very similar to that which is the subject of the chain, clarifying, however, that it is only his personal opinion.

Covid, Facebook against fake vaccine news

by Fiammetta Cupellaro

What is Hades

But now the mess is done and as if all the doubts triggered by the deaths that occurred after the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine were not enough, people are starting to ask themselves questions starting from the one about what the Hades phenomenon mentioned in the Whatsapp is. “Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Ade, is a phenomenon whereby certain antibodies facilitate the entry of a virus into cells instead of blocking it,” he explains. Massimo Galli. “It is a well-known phenomenon whereby, paradoxically, the antibodies that are produced fold to the advantage of the virus, improving its infectivity. In short, in the basket of possible antibodies that we develop against a virus there are also some that cause a disadvantage. This can also occur with vaccine antibodies ”. To better understand what the Hades phenomenon is, we can refer to the attempt to produce a vaccine for HIV. “It was 1994 and an attempt was made to make a vaccine on a protein on the surface of the virus, but the attempt was unsuccessful – recalls Galli – The researchers realized that in that way they ended up producing a vaccine that instead of immunizing favored entry of the virus into the host’s cells and in fact it has never reached large-scale experimentation “.

Very selective anti-Covid vaccines

Since then, however, research has come a long way and the anti-Covid vaccines have a different connotation: “They are very selective and have the characteristic of being able to induce neutralizing antibodies thanks to the new technology whereby the vaccine contains a small portion of RNA. Sars-CoV-2 virus messenger that instructs the body’s cells to produce the virus’s characteristic Spike protein, “explains the infectious disease specialist. Basically, when a person receives this vaccine, their body produces copies of the spike protein, which do not cause disease, but cause the immune system to learn to react defensively, producing an immune response against the coronavirus. “So the fact that vaccines can make Hades develop a response is neither in heaven nor on earth. I repeat: vaccines cannot trigger the so-called Hades, not even in people who are vaccinated after being cured of the infection”, clarifies in way net Galli.

Fake news on vaccines: they put everyone at risk and must be punished

by Priscilla Di Thiene

The serological test before the vaccine

Another information widespread in the chain is that of the need to do a vaccine before the vaccine serological test to check if the disease has already been taken, thus avoiding the risk of the Hades phenomenon. Suggestion that is also attributed to Galli: “It is a distortion of my thinking – attacks the infectious disease specialist -. I have always been a supporter of the fact that this is not the time to vaccinate people who have already taken Covid because they have already met the virus and are more able to defend themselves. The only risk they run is to become infected with the new variants, but we do not even know if the vaccines we are using and which have been developed based on the first virus to arrive are effective or not against variants “. According to the expert, by excluding those who have already fallen ill, it is possible to ‘save’ doses of the vaccine for the most fragile patients. And, in fact, a compromise was then reached with the green light from the Ministry of Health for the possibility of administering a single dose of anti-Covid vaccine to subjects who have already had a SarsCov2 virus infection. “But this has nothing to do with avoiding the Hades phenomenon because at the moment there is no scientific evidence that vaccinating a recovered person risks triggering antibodies.”

Thrombosis and anti-Covid vaccines

Another delicate point of the message on Whatsapp is that of the risk of dying from thrombosis or heart attack following the vaccine. “A possible Hades would in any case have no relationship with the thrombotic phenomena that have been reported close to vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine and which probably have no relation to the vaccination itself”, clarifies Galli. “In a large population, unfortunately someone is expected to have thrombosis every day. If we take a million pregnant women every day there will be 394 spontaneous abortions ”, explains the expert. “If we accidentally vaccinated them the day before or the day itself, it will be difficult to get the idea that there is a causal link out of people’s heads. The more vaccinated, the more likely it is that in some cases the two facts may coincide, without vaccination having any role in causing thrombosis ”.

Covid vaccines: the truth about the fake news of the Hades inflammatory reaction

by Irma D’Aria

How much damage from a fake news

This is not the only fake news on Covid. At the end of February, for example, another chain was running on Whatsapp in Messina informing about the opening of reservations for some categories of people who were not entitled to administration in the first phase of the Region’s vaccination calendar. And then there was an audio message, always on WhatsApp, in which the accusation was launched that the Italian health system gained on false deaths from Covid. Obviously this is fake news, yet another attempt by deniers to downplay the Coronavirus problem. “These fake news can do enormous damage – comments Galli. Especially after all the ruckus caused by the deaths that occurred after the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine. There is a risk of fomenting the No vax front, of losing the undecided and creating a lot of confusion in a particularly delicate phase in which we need the utmost conviction that only vaccines will save us “.

To put a stop to the phenomenon that runs via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and other messaging apps, the Postal Police invites you not to feed the chains by sharing fake news and creating further alarmism at a time when Italians are already tried by the pandemic and its economic consequences. “It is always recommended not to share news of which there is no certainty of the origin but to report them”, the advice of the Postal Police.


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