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Covid Vercelli: four medical patients infected in the ward

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In recent days there had been rumors of a covid outbreak at the Vercelli hospital among patients hospitalized for other diseases and who had contracted the virus in the ward.

The reporting

Last Saturday, one of our readers called us about the matter: “A relative of mine had entered the Medicine ward with a negative swab and was then infected, a neighbor of hers too and others told me”.

The prompt response of the ASL

The editorial staff immediately turned this report to the ASL of Vercelli, to understand if they were well founded rumors or not. With speed, and with commendable transparency, the General Management sent us the following note.

The official note

“With regard to the reporting of some cases of patients who tested positive for Covid within the Medicine department, the ASL of Vercelli confirms the news: these are four people identified thanks to the continuous monitoring system currently still hospitalized and in isolation. Presumably one of patients came into contact with the virus following the visit of a relative, then infecting neighboring patients. The control system identified the outbreak, quickly securing the structure. As regards the infected people: two are unvaccinated , one is vaccinated with a single dose, while the fourth elderly person is vaccinated. None of the vaccinated patients admitted to the hospital developed Covid-related respiratory failure “.

In summary, the episode took place, but the security and control systems have avoided major problems. And in fact, the Covid data in the Vercelli area remain at a physiological level.

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