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Covid: Zingaretti, 2.5 million euros for the mental health of young people – Health

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“The Lazio Region will set up a fund dedicated to access to mental health care and the prevention of mental illness aimed primarily at young people and the most vulnerable groups: We allocate 2.5 million euros to guarantee access to care for mental health and the prevention of mental illness, through vouchers to be used in public facilities in Lazio, involving the network of psychologists and psychiatrists. With the pandemic, psychological disorders have increased “. So on Facebook the president of the Lazio Region Zingaretti.

“We want to respond to a very critical situation and to the many solicitations of the scientific world, to requests for help and to mobilizations and petitions on the psychological #bonus that involved thousands of people and that report a real problem to be addressed”, explains Zingaretti. According to a study conducted by the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital – it is recalled in the post – “suicide attempts and marked self-harm increased by 30% during the second wave. Hospitalizations for suicide attempts or ideas increased from 17% in January 2020 to 45% of the total in January 2021. Eating disorders have exploded: only for anorexia a + 28% of requests for help. These are very alarming figures that tell us only one thing: we must intervene “. “In addition to creating new opportunities for training, work, development, it is necessary to give immediate answers to the real suffering and the condition of profound malaise that many young people are experiencing as a result of the effects of the pandemic, especially thinking of those more fragile sections of the population. who cannot afford adequate care. It is one of the investments necessary for the future of the new generations “, concludes Zingaretti.

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