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Creating Happiness: The Path to Well-Being

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Creating Happiness: The Path to Well-Being

The Art of Creating Happiness

Happiness is one of the most sought-after treasures of humanity. Many people believe they will find it in their job, a loved one, or an exceptional achievement. Yet, sooner or later, they discover that happiness that comes from the outside has an expiration date. According to Silvio Raij, a specialist in mindfulness, meditation, and personal development, the problem is that happiness cannot simply be found, but rather must be created. This is the message he conveys in his new book How to be the protagonist of your well-being, in which he shares practical and spiritual tools to have a better life and build the future you want.

“Happiness does not come to your door, knock and say ‘hello, I am your happiness.’ One must invest happiness in order to experience it later. It works like a bank account: if you go to the bank to withdraw money, but never made a deposit, you will have nothing to withdraw. So, if you invest in giving happiness to others, you will feel happiness in return. It is a law that is always fulfilled,” Silvio Raij explains.

The book is based on seven essential lessons that Raij has learned in his life to maintain well-being beyond external circumstances. The key, according to Raij, is to stop waiting and start acting, because dependence on external factors can hinder the ability to be happy. Additionally, Raij addresses common obstacles to the application of these lessons, such as distractions and the need for more silence in our lives.

One of the methods presented in the book is the practice of Raja Yoga – ‘essential connection’ – which Raij learned in India. He describes it as a form of meditation that enables self-observation and Divine connection, which allows people to connect with their internal virtues and qualities, thereby gaining happiness and trust in themselves.

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Silvio Raij draws from his extensive spiritual experiences for the content of his books. He is a certified ontological coach, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor, and has also undergone training at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in India. Additionally, Raij directs the Sati School of Montevideo, a wellness center dedicated to personal growth through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

How to be the protagonist of your well-being is Raij’s fifth book, building upon the success of his previous work that has evolved from traditional mindfulness teachings to include meditation techniques he learned in India. Throughout his books, Raij’s message of creating happiness from within remains a constant guiding force for readers seeking fulfillment in their lives.

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