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Crema News – To access the hospital

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Crema News – To access the hospital

Crema, 18 January 2023

Starting next January 23, visitors and carers will be allowed access to the hospital wards.

The Crema Territorial Social Health Authority specifies that access is allowed to one visitor per patient for a maximum of 20 minutes at the established times, from 5.30 pm to 7 pm every day (excluding Covid departments). It is necessary to proceed with disinfection and wear the Ffp2 mask. For access to the isolation rooms in the Covid wards, hand washing, Ffp2 mask and gown provided by the department are required. Entrance to the hospital wards can be suspended or limited in the event of one or more patients positive for Covid. Access is not permitted in the presence of fever or acute respiratory symptoms. In specific cases of isolation, the staff will provide protective gowns.

“We are giving the community excellent news – comments the health director Roberto Sfogliarini. – The current epidemiological situation can be controlled, although some precautions are still needed. This is why we decided to proceed with the restoration of visits to the hospital wards. A way to facilitate correct and indispensable communication between hospitalized people and their family members, to recover sociability and concretely offer people an important support in the presence “. The priority remains attention to the sick subject, for this reason milder rules have been envisaged, but which in any case intend to counter the spread of Covid-19 and the flu, above all to protect the most fragile people.

News of some day ago was the reopening of the hospital also to accredited associations, which provide valuable voluntary activities. Entry is allowed at authorized times after hand disinfection, Ffp2 mask, gown (on instructions from staff in cases of isolation). Precluded in case of fever or immunocompromised people.

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At the ambulabulls, the entry of users and companions is allowed wearing the Ffp2 mask. Precluded, however, in case of fever. The Emergency Room is currently allowed access for carers and caregivers, compatibly with the spaces available, in the case of patients over 65 and for all bedridden or stretchered patients. Carers can provide assistance to their family member for the entire duration of their stay in the emergency room. They will have to disinfect their hands and wear the Ffp2 mask, possibly provided by the staff. The same will also provide protective gowns if necessary.

In the photoor, the hospital of Crema

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