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“Crimson Knot” demo: a new generation of super-brain action RPG, sassy continuous skills from the beginning to the end | 4Gamers

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Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios, which has released works such as “Blood Eater” and “God Eater”, the “Super Brain Action RPG” and “Crimson Knot” (SCARLET NEXUS ) Will be officially listed on June 24.


Since this game is set in a sci-fi world, there are many proper terms such as “super brainpower”, “weird”, and “SAS” in the pre-release intelligence. These new terms will be a bit unclear for players who are in contact for the first time. This article will try to use In a simple way, let everyone understand the charm of this masterpiece.

The game can currently be played on the Xbox / PlayStation platform to a trial version. The content of this article will also be based on the content that can be experienced in the trial version of the Xbox Series X platform. Some of the content may be slightly different from the official version.

What is “super brainpower”?

In the future world, human beings will improve the brain magic to a new level through scientific and technological innovation, and obtain superpowers (such as electric discharge, teleportation, thought power, etc.) that can materialize images in the brain, which are called “super Brain power”.

At the same time, aiming at the evolved human brain, an enemy named “weird” suddenly descended from the sky, hunting humans in large numbers, and creating a crisis of world destruction.

Of course, human beings are not to be outdone. The best “mentalists” are assembled from all over the world to form a “weird crusade army” (abbreviated to be a strange crusade army) to perform missions to protect mankind. The strange army is the most powerful unit. Regardless of age or gender, it only requires the most efficient execution of tasks such as eliminating weirdness and gathering intelligence.


As the protagonist is a rookie crusade, the story of the protagonist begins. The demo version does not have too much description of the plot, so the rest of the content can only be known after the game is released.

Handsome battle with continuous skills

The combat gameplay of the game may feel discouraged at first, but it will feel quite interesting after you get started.

When I played for the first time, the author always focused on basic attacks, but it felt very unsatisfactory to play, the basic attackers were too short to hit, and they often swung empty, and the use of skills was always interrupted. Simply replaying from the teaching mode, I discovered that the original game not only focuses on “super brain power” in the world view, but even the combat system is deeply linked to super powers.

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The two protagonists that can be selected in the game, “King Man King” and “Heavy Randall”, are both capable of “mind power”. The feature is to fetch objects from the air. They can consume the gauge and use the mind power to smash the surrounding objects to the target and cause damage. , And trigger the “Assault Pursuit”, allowing the next basic attack to have an assault effect, bringing the enemy closer in one breath.

The moment the weapon attack hits the enemy will trigger the “Mind Power Pursuit” effect, which will increase the effect of the next Mind Power Attack; a heavy blow can cause damage and restore a large amount of Mind Power Energy.


Smart people should have discovered that the three attack methods are complementary to each other. If the combat method is changed to the rhythmic use of mind force/basic attack/heavy attack, in addition to the smooth flow of fighting, the visual refreshment and the actual effect of clearing monsters are also obvious to all. After getting started, people can’t stop.




The bond between the members makes the game more fun

Just like a young manga, the character design of “Crimson Knot” is also full of Japanese animation characteristics. From reliable big sisters to frivolous but serious handsome guys, crusade idols to shy school girls, different appearances, different personalities and unique super-powerful characters come together to make our adventure full of fun.




The trial version also allows every teammate to have a performance. In the course of the game, from ordinary life chats to handsome to unacceptable battle performances, you can feel the seriousness of the production team, and strive to make every player find his favorite character in the game.

During the battle, we can also borrow the super powers of our teammates to assist in the battle through the “SAS system (super-brain link)”. For example, the ability of our teammate Zidian can make us attack with lightning attributes. In addition to strengthening the attack power, it can also make the wet enemy fall into “sense”, which is more likely to cause the enemy to faint.

In addition, we can also use the “brain map” (that is, point talent) to enhance the various abilities of the player character, such as enabling several teammates’ SAS at the same time, which makes people look forward to playing more after the official version. Different ways of fighting.





The tactics needed to face different kinds of enemies are also completely different. For example, when facing a fast enemy, you need to switch to a high-speed ability to deal with, and an enemy who will hide can sneak closer with the ability to sneak; in this way, and between the members The timing of SAS is more important, adding a lot of strategy to the combat system.

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What’s interesting is that the battle of the game has a fusion QTE (Quick Response Event) gameplay. Wait, don’t scold if you see the QTE. The QTE method of the game is basically fixed. You can learn it after you press it once. If you don’t press it, it won’t matter, but if you successfully trigger it, you will see a very handsome CUT-IN animation. In addition to seeing the protagonist or various teammates showing off firepower, it also becomes a small breathing opportunity between high-intensity battles, which makes people never tire of it.




It’s just that although this game is an RPG game, many dialogue scenes are presented in stop-motion comics instead of common real-time performances. It’s a pity that you can’t see the interaction between the characters during the plot performance.




Shuttle through the ruins of the end times with a punk spirit

The vision of “Crimson Knot” is dominated by the ruins of complex objects stacked up, supplemented by neon lights and shadows, building the entire world.

The character module is presented in a very mature cartoon rendering method, and the action tuning is also quite high. There is nothing to be picky about, but I think the visual feature of this work is still the integration of the scene and the special effects.

The two scenes in the demo version are based on Tokyo, which constructs a destroyed overhead city. Because it is in ruins, it is very important to control the atmosphere in an uninhabited state.




At first glance, the scene art is quite ordinary. The texture and lighting are handled in a way that saves resources as much as possible. However, the production team uses a large number of holographic projections as a scene embellishment, and has placed many objects around the venue, successfully shaping the complex and The sense of dilapidated ruins also allows players to have objects that can be used to smash monsters at any time, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

In addition, the game vision is very exquisite, allowing players to look at it as if they are exploring endless huge ruins (although the map is only a small one), with a large number of carefully configured abandoned pipelines, elevated illegal constructions and other objects that obscure the sky, making the scene more visible Rich, deeply controlled by the urban ruin landscape, a real feast for the eyes visually.

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Of course, in the trial version, due to the limited space and chapters, the number of exploration locations is not abundant enough to make people feel unsatisfied. The scene seems to be vast, but there are very few places that can actually be visited. There are obstacles blocking the way everywhere. There are also many air walls that seem to be passable but restricted. It is a pity that it cannot satisfy the desire to explore.

In the official version, there will be more locations to experience first-hand, and there will also be many beautiful scene designs and other special environments for players to explore.

Summary: A really cool Japanese RPG action game


“Crimson Knot” is based on continuous skills. It is very refreshing to play after mastering the rhythm. It is also interesting to determine when to “borrow” the abilities of teammates to deal with various enemies with different weaknesses on the battlefield. After opening the configuration interface, I found that there are many enhancement methods that are not available in the experience version, which makes people look forward to how richer the combat gameplay will be after the official version.

The urban ruins art and the fragrant human settings are also very important eye-catching features. Unfortunately, the demo version can only play two scenes and the combat system. There are still many elements that will not be known until the game is released.

I think the best thing about this game is that “Secondary 2” is set to hide and not hide, and open it completely. In the process of playing, I always feel that the production team keeps emphasizing the attitude of “I want to make the player handsome from start to finish”. I appreciate it very much, because it is really cool to play! Therefore, after playing the demo version, I am looking forward to the arrival of the official version!

If you want to personally manipulate a group of handsome men and beauties through the ruins, use special abilities to save the world, and experience the two-sense (handsome) apocalyptic sci-fi style action RPG, the upcoming “Crimson Knot” may be used as a reference.

“Crimson Knot” will be released on Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PS5 / PS4 / PC and other platforms on June 24.


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