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Cruillas, the vandals enter the school gym and empty the fire extinguishers

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Cruillas, the vandals enter the school gym and empty the fire extinguishers

“I am very angry not for the damage done to the school, but for the damage that the neighborhood does to their children. Every time the school is damaged, soiled, used as a garbage dump, you are trampling on your children, destroying the place where they they can have the opportunity to change their life, to get that culture that will allow them to do an honest job, to make their dreams come true “. This is the harsh and regretful comment of Maria Rosa Caldarella, head of the Cruillas comprehensive institute in via Salerno where this morning the staff had to clean up what was left by the vandals after the last raid. The incident was reported to the police who initiated the investigation and acquired the images of some cameras that may have framed the perpetrators.

“They forced and tore up – continues the head teacher – the doors of the dressing rooms, damaged the sports equipment, scattering the dust of the fire extinguishers all over the floor. They ate and smoked on the floor. I wonder how it is possible not to understand that school is the most precious asset that can be given to one’s children. Despite the great bitterness for what happened, I still want to hope that those who live in this neighborhood, especially the parents of my pupils, can be an example of respect for the public good and that they can collaborating with the school in educating their children – he concludes – to be decent men and women, without defending incorrect and aggressive behavior “.

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The Flc CGIL Palermo expresses its solidarity with the principal and the school community for the damage suffered to the school gym due to a vandal raid. “The school – declares the general secretary Fabio Cirino – has suffered serious damage. As the head teacher denounced, to which the FLC CGIL Palermo expresses its closeness, sharing the feeling of bitterness and anger, they were forced and uprooted the doors of the gymnasium, the dressing rooms were forced open and the sports equipment was damaged. The fire extinguisher was also opened, ruining and staining the floor. In addition to the garbage that uncivilized people leave in front of the school gates “.

“An act that we strongly condemn. The situation – adds Cirino – has now become unsustainable for many schools in Palermo, especially in the suburbs, the target of continuous thefts and aggressive acts, which aggravate the already difficult conditions experienced in this period by educational institutions for the pandemic. We feel great discouragement for these attitudes of incivility that penalize above all the students, children, brothers of the same neighborhood, who at school are preparing for their future. The school must be respected and protected: it is the place where young people grow up, study , they build their path of life and work. By destroying and depriving students of their living spaces, it hurts the school, which is a good for everyone as well as being a point of reference for many instances of the neighborhood. We ask for protection for this school – he concludes – and to intensify the surveillance on the territory, making students, teachers, parents feel close to them nance of the institutions “.

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