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CSU parliamentary group criticizes cornerstones of hospital reform

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CSU parliamentary group criticizes cornerstones of hospital reform

10.07.2023 – 18:05

CSU parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament

Munich (ots)

The health policy spokesman for the CSU parliamentary group, Bernhard Seidenath, commented on the agreement reached today between the federal and state governments on hospital reform:

“Even if we welcome individual cornerstones of the hospital reform, such as the planned provision flat rates, we continue to take the view that hospital planning must remain a matter for the federal states. This is the only way we can ensure the best possible medical care for the people on site. For constitutional reasons, it is essential that the To leave the decision to the federal states as to which hospital service should be offered at which location. It is also a fact: the federal states must retain the decisive influence on the initial determination of service groups and their quality requirements. The same applies to their later further developments. In addition, we continue to demand a longer convergence phase after the entry into force of the law.

Especially when it comes to an issue as important as hospital reform, nothing should be over-the-knee. It is essential that Bavaria be involved in the drafting of the law. We think it is too hasty for the reform to come into force at the beginning of 2024. In addition, the hospitals must be financially supported now, otherwise there is a risk of insolvency in view of the tense economic situation of the clinics. The conversion of the hospital landscape costs money. It won’t work without a financial contribution from the federal government. The federal government needs to improve here.”

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