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Cut off faded dahlias and encourage new blooms > – Guide

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Cut off faded dahlias and encourage new blooms  > – Guide

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Dahlias bloom from June to October, depending on the variety. Regularly cutting out faded flowers stimulates the plants to form new buds and protects them from diseases.

by Ralph Walter

Dahlias bloom profusely in late summer and fall. The plants, originally from Mexico, ensure an almost incomparable splendor of flowers well into autumn. The permanent bloomers are in use until the first night frosts in late autumn. Withered flowers should be cut out regularly so that they keep forming new buds and remain compact.

How are dahlias pruned?

The so-called cleaning out also prevents the plant from forming seeds and putting all its energy into them. Cutting out faded flowers encourages the dahlias to form new buds. It is cut above the next side shoot. At this point the dahlia will sprout again.

Cleaning can prevent fungal infestation

If the old flowers remain, the withered parts of the plant can fall onto the green leaves. The places where they stick often turn brown and unsightly. Cleaning out is also a kind of health care for dahlias: If wilted flowers and damaged stems remain on the plant, they can start to rot relatively quickly. This gives mold fungi an additional gateway.

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