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Cybertech Europe, the world of cyber defense collects ideas

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Cybertech Europe, the world of cyber defense collects ideas

A cybersecurity fair complete with stands, business meetings and discussion panels: Cybertech Europe this year he returns to Rome on 10 and 11 May to talk about IT security, electronic defense and cyber diplomacy. And on stage there will be some of the most important actors to discuss how security needs change in an increasingly complex world.

The decision

Cybersecurity: Kaspersky and the other Russian suppliers away from the Italian PA

by Simone Cosimi

April 28, 2022

Preparation, defense and resilience are the general themes of the event but it is easy to expect that the war in Ukraine will be mentioned in many discussions. We will talk about fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, cloud security, artificial intelligence and then training, awareness, cyber hygiene, but there will also be a session on the defense of communications and technologies that propel us into space. Participated by some of the most important cybersecurity realities, from Leonardo to Accenture, partner of the event, from BitDefender to Crowdstrike up to Mandiant, with Checkpoint Technologies, CyberArk and SentinelOne, Cybertech Europe will also see the presence of the Italian companies Telsy, AlfaGroup, CyberGuru and One Identity.


The national system for emergencies and disasters is active

by Matteo Marini

April 22, 2022

Among the institutional guests present Olivier Onidi e Christopher Morand of the European Commission, the Serbian Minister of Innovation Nenad Popovicthe German one for finance Dirk Clausmeierthe professor Roberto BaldoniDirector of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN), Franco GabrielliUndersecretary of State with responsibility for security, and then the protagonists of the economic world such as Alessandro ProfumoCEO of Leonardo, Matt Fussa from Cisco, and many others.

All at the forefront to present solutions and ideas to combat the cybercrime which did $ 6 trillion in damage in 2021, the cyber terrorism and it cyber espionage, with technology of course, but also with training, European directives and dedicated agencies. Not an easy task. Several companies present at Cybertech have suffered successful cyber attacks, even the ABI, Accenture and FireEye: stopping ransomware gangs, phishing campaigns against both managers and retirees and politically motivated attacks becomes increasingly difficult. However, if the criminals have the advantage of surprise on their side and an increasingly wider attack surface due to the remote control of many activities that we previously carried out in the presence, now there is a different awareness of the risks associated with the digitization of recreational activities, financial and business.

Hackers and the ministry: we have a right to know

by Riccardo Luna

08 April 2022

The victories of Cybercrime

There is a lot to do. A few days ago there was news of a cyber attack that blocked the Milanese health facilities of the Sacco hospital, the online publication of ABI employee data, the compromise of the network of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the ransomware launched against the Railways of the State, the strange case of the interruption of Sogei services and the blocking of the pos of the Nexi circuit, together with the thousands of attacks on Italian production infrastructures. In recent months, no one has been spared, logistics companies and industrial plants, winemakers, fruit and vegetable and food companies such as San Carlo.

Attacks that are only the appendix of a real war fought silently in cyberspace between states, such as that between Russia and Ukraine, with sabotage and disinformation actions, but also that relating to interruptions in energy production wind power in Germany, the attacks on Viasat satellites and those of pro-Iranian groups on Israeli radios and hospitals, up to the theft of the source codes of some Microsoft products and the exfiltration of information from the Peruvian secret services by the notorious Conti Group.

Asked by us about the extent and frequency of the attacks, Amir Rapaportthe founder of Cybertech, told us: “Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, we will see many more attacks in the years to come. We can always do better as individuals and as nations, but this it’s a cross-country race. As more and more parts of our lives move to the cyber domain, we will be more exposed to cyber breaches and attacks. But our focus should not be on what hackers can damage, but rather on how we prevent them from compromising critical resources and systems in the physical and digital world. “

Therefore the event will be an opportunity to talk about how is Italy positioned in this scenario: ACN is present in force at the meeting, but there are also the Guardia di Finanza, the State Police and Europol. Some of the most talented Italian Ciso (Chief information security officers) will speak at Cybertech, such as Yuri Rassega of Enel, Alessandro Menna by Italgas, Massimo Ravenna of Acea, and we will see what they can tell us about the safety of such a vital sector, that of energy, struggling with sanctions against Russia and for this potential target of attack by the Kremlin’s digital troops if the conflict with Ukraine should get worse.

The event, in a May full of meetings on IT security such as the Richmond Resilience Forum and the twenty-year meeting of Italian banks, Banks and Security, the CyberSecurity360 Summit, also presents a panel that we would like to see more often, the one dedicated to theme of women in the cyber world con Domitilla Benigni of Electronics and the ambassador Laura Carpini.

It will not be the summit of solutions, but it could be an important step on the road to travel together in that direction.

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