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Cyberwarfare between Russia and the West in a timeline

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Cyberwarfare between Russia and the West in a timeline

On February 24, the Kremlin tanks entered Ukrainian territory. The next day the hacker collective Anonymous declared total cyber war on Russia and companies close to Putin in a video message. Anonymous has called into action the hackers of its own galaxy by claiming actions against several Russian institutional websites and companies of men somehow close to Vladimir Putin.

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Hacker attack on Italy. What is Killnet, the Russian group that claimed it

by Arcangelo Rociola, Arturo Di Corinto

But even in Russia groups have formed that more or less like Anonymous have called together cyber activists, declaring cyber warfare on the West and its companies. Legion, a collective of pro-Russian hackers, and Killnet, another group of computer pirates that we met in Italy during the attacks on the sites of the Police, the Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs and the Senate. More than three months after the start of the conflict, both kinetic and cyber, Yoroi has drawn up a timeline with the main attacks recorded so far.

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