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Dancing with the Stars, Former Contestant Hospitalized: ‘Three Strokes’ | Here are his terms

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Dancing with the Stars, Former Contestant Hospitalized: ‘Three Strokes’ |  Here are his terms

Dancing with the Stars is not only a talent show but it is also a program in which the life stories of all the contestants are told. What is particularly worrying in these hours is what happened to a former face of the format who was hospitalized. But what happened?

This is the story of a former Dancing with the Stars contestant who took part in the edition of the program of 2016. She was the dancer’s partner, Sara Bertagnollito share in Dipiù magazine what he experienced firsthand with his partner.

Dancing with stars – photo network newsabruzzo.t 20221116

It all started around 5:00 in the morning, when the couple was in the mountains when the boy had a mountainous. Fortunately, Sara was next to him, a girl who intervened promptly. In fact, the latter not only immediately called the 118 but she was also able to revive him through a cardiac message necessary to make it breathe once more.

The terrible tale of the rush to the hospital

They certainly aroused a lot worry the health conditions of one of the faces of the 2016 Dancing with the Stars program. Obviously we are talking about Luca Sguazzini, character who has passed gods very difficult days because of a cerebral ischemia.

It was her, her partner Sara, who spoke about it in an interview given to the weekly. In fact, as we can also read on the lanostratv.it website, the woman reveals ““Luca was saved by my love that got him through three strokes. Now he is hospitalized at the Molinette hospital in Turin with semi-paralysis on the left side of the body ”.

Luca Sguazzini news abruzzo 20221116
Luca Sguazzini newsabruzzo.it 20221116

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This is the statement of the partner who revealed that Luca had also been suffering from for some time severe pain in the head. The sad epilogue took place on October 24th when the boy is fell to the ground suddenly.

What was supposed to be a special day it turned into a real one nightmare. In fact, the couple was on vacation for celebrate their seventh anniversary. Fortunately, the difficult period passed very quickly and both the former model and the influencer returned to posting moments of daily life on social media.

Furthermore, in the past hours, the two have also shared a video in which the main protagonist was just come on, la small lighttheir eldest daughter who gives 7 months fill their days. A video accompanied by a caption “You are our strength“.

Then there were the comments of Luca Sguazzini together with that of Alexandra Tripoli, a dancer who achieved great success in Dancing with the Stars. In short, fortunately it was only a bad episode that was resolved in the best way.

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