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Dangerous supplement, what happens if you take it: withdrawn!

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Dangerous supplement, what happens if you take it: withdrawn!

The summer season is over and with her the holidays are over and the consequent resumption of work, studies and routine in general can cause a lot of fatigue. To alleviate this symptom very often we rely on supplements but one of these has been withdrawn from the market, that’s why.

A very popular and famous supplement against tiredness and fatigue has been withdrawn from the market as unexpected reactions of the product could occur upon opening. The Ministry of Health advised not to use the product and on the contrary, to throw it away.

supplement withdrawn – solofinanza.it

Which supplement was withdrawn

When you feel fatigued and feel a sense of exhaustion, rest alone may not be enough. Your doctor may advise you to improve your diet, ensuring the body a correct supply of all nutrients and possibly a supplement, in case the symptoms are really debilitating.

Supplements exist in many variations and are used precisely for cases in which a person needs extra support, which can help him get through the long days full of commitments.

The safety of these products is generally very high since it is intended to improve people’s health and to be marketed it must necessarily follow and pass many checks. One of these, however, was recently the subject of a recall, caused by a suspected reaction that occurs when the bottle is opened.

The supplement in question is the “Quetidia, oral solution, fast slow 150ml”, specifically it is batches 220342 and 220343, with expiry date on February 29, 2024. Quetidia is sold in bottles of 150 and at the time of opening these particular batches seem to create a strange effervescence that also makes the product come out.

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What to do if it has already been purchased

Quietidia was produced by HPI Humana Pharma International SPA, based in Casorate Primo in via Enrico Mattei, and distributed by Neuraxpharm Italy SPA.

The Ministry of Health immediately urged the owners of these bottles to throw them away without opening them, although no health risks were identified.

withdrawn product - solofinanza.it
withdrawn product – solofinanza.it

Avoiding taking the supplement is currently the safest choice to make and on the official website of the Ministry of Health it is possible to view every product that has been withdrawn from the market, so as to compare what you have at home with constantly updated data.

If the product has already been consumed, you can contact the manufacturer via the toll-free number to ask for details. Furthermore, if abnormal symptoms occur, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

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