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Daniela Rodriguez dies after being hit by her own car

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Daniela Rodriguez dies after being hit by her own car

Missaglia (Lecco), 21 February 2023 – It is dead travolta from the your itself auto. It was she who died this afternoon in the Varese hospital Daniel Rodriguezosteopath of 56 years old Of Missaglia.

The accident

Monday evening it is car investment with his Toyota Land Cruiser that he has tried to stop, because he had it parked on a slope, with no gear engaged or handbrake engaged. The accident happened in Missaglia, in via dei Campi, one dirt road in the middle of the fields, between the hamlets of Contra and Campù, near where the 56-year-old lived. She was there to let the dogs run free in the meadows of the area. When she realized her car was moving out of control downhill she stood in front to try and stop it, but it was thrown to the ground and then crushed by the 2-ton weight of the jeep.

The rescues

Luckily a passerby saw her and alerted the rescuers. She called hers too son, Matias, who is 29 years old. Initially Daniela only complained of pain in her legs, but in a few minutes it is collapsed, he lost consciousness and his heart stopped beating. To help her, the Areu air ambulance doctors were mobilized and revived her urgently transferred in desperate conditions directly to the Circolo di Varese hospital. Has passed the night, it looked like it could do it, but it is worsened because of serious injuries brought back, especially to the chest, and this afternoon Daniela died.

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