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Daniele Francescon: “My startup born to manage anxiety”

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Daniele Francescon: “My startup born to manage anxiety”

“I discovered that I was an anxious person. I looked for solutions but I struggled to find suitable ones: I was looking in particular for guarantees in terms of quality and a scientific approach to my problem”. He tells them like this Daniele Francescon34, Paduan by birth, six years in Boston Consulting then business builder, the first steps of Serenestartup that has co-founded in 2021 together with Silvia Wang (former co-founder of Prontopro). It was with Silvia that he shared the same problem. I am now at the helm of a company that has developed a platform that revolves around psychological therapy. A market, according to Enpam data as of 2017, with a turnover of about one billion euros, growing by 5/6% per year (in 1997 it was 156 million euros). “And let’s talk about pre-Covid data. According to Istat there was a + 20% consumption of anxiolytics during the pandemic, 6 out of 10 people saw their living conditions worsen during the lockdown”.


Unlimited vacations and chat disconnection obligation: the startups of happiness

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When Daniele impacted with anxiety, he told Italian Tech, “I didn’t know where to go. Most of the solutions that were online were platforms that allowed only the meeting between supply and demand for therapeutic solutions”.

Serenis instead “is first of all a digital platform”, a “medical center with an important technological component“.

Digital means “electronic invoicing, agile tools for tax deductions and data analysis, to understand what is working, what needs to be improved, monitor therapy thanks to feedback”. A “more fluid” exchange of information as a function of the “therapeutic alliance”.

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What is Serenis doing? He follows the patient, puts him in contact with the psychotherapist he deems most suitablealso taking care of the appointments and payments part for him. Everything, with the exception of the therapeutic sessionto. “We don’t go in there”, explains Daniele. The company has just closed a 2.6 million euro round, a capital increase, led by the FG2 Capital fund and participated by the venture capital arm of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. “We want to invest in technology and team expansion. We need talented guys to help us grow”, mainly in the areas of design, product development and digital marketing. At the moment “there are 60,000 requests for therapy that we have processed,” said Francescon.


Serenis, a help for mental health problems

by Simone Cosimi

The others

Among the other platforms that deal with psychological therapy support there are also Psicodigitale, Unobravo, Psychologist 4U and With You Abroad.

psychodigital is a sort of online psychology study that wants to put the user in communication with qualified psychologists. It was founded in 2021 by psychologist Serena Ventura and today has a team of 13 psychologists with different types of therapies, methods and approaches.

You bravo is a startup founded by Valeria Fiorenza Perris, Corena Pezzella and Danila De Stefano, who in 2019 launched an online psychology service made up of a diverse team of psychologists (declaring 2,000 psychologists and psychotherapists belonging to 15 different therapeutic orientations) who work solely in video call, from a distance. In 2020 the company closed a seed round of 150 thousand euros participated by Cdp Venture Capital.

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Psychologist 4U is an online psychotherapy startup, born in 2021 and founded by Martina Paglia: the company’s matching platform, based on an initial evaluation, shows users a list of professionals suited to their specific needs and preferences. Psychologist 4U then allows you to choose the psychologists and psychotherapists best suited to your needs, rather than assigning one ex officio. The free psychologist change guarantee policy also allows you to change therapist at any time, without having to start over or lose the progress and goals achieved.

With you abroad is a project born in 2017 by Sara Fornari and Claudia Terranova who have decided to focus on the main video calling platforms, to make a psychological or psychotherapeutic path easily accessible also to Italians abroad, to workers who often travel, to Erasmus students or doctoral students and to those who live in Italy but will later move elsewhere.

The event

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