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Dazn, guide to the mistakes that can occur while we watch football

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A great variety of mistakes can stand between us and the coveted football match on Dazn. If those due to a low internet quality are decreasing – also thanks to the intervention of the Communications Authority (Agcom) on the operators and Dazn itself – nevertheless more or less blocking errors can still occur.
The service catalogs them with different codes, each of which provides a possible solution.

Too many devices, error 105_801_403

Let’s start with one that seems to have plagued some viewers’ experience in December: the 105_801_403 error, “You have reached your device limit. Try updating your browser. You can also go to My Account and remove one of your devices to continue. You can only watch DAZN on two (2) devices at the same time ”. Dazn allows you to use the account with up to two devices at the same time. This error also affected users who did not think they were using the service at the same time.

Let’s follow Dazn’s two tips: update the browser and check from the account page if there are devices that we do not want to use for the service. Another thing, however, is perhaps more immediate and useful: restart or turn off other devices with which we used the service . Maybe the app is still running in the background, in fact.

Alternatively we could also search the apps in the background and close Dazn. Note that from the next football season things will get worse, because Dazn – by enforcing the contractual conditions for the first time – will allow users to use only one device or two if belonging to the same local (home) network.

Error 10_005_001 or 10_022_003, problem with the Internet connection

A common mistake is related to the internet connection. Dazn advises to check on www.fast.com if the internet connection meets the minimum requirements, which are really within the reach of almost all Italian connections, in theory: 2 Megabit for standard definition, 3.5 for high definition, 6 Mbps for high with better frame rate, 8 Mbps for the highest possible quality.

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