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Db, among the new entries there is also Befancyfit, supported by Luca Argentero

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Finapp, Medsniper, iCashly, Super loan, FeatFood, FutureVox, Hebe Studio e Befancyfit these are the 8 new startups entered today in the Italian Tech Startup Database which debuted last September 23 (who the explanation of the motivations and objectives). Here is more in detail who they are and how they grow.

Finapp is a spin-off of the University of Padua. Founded in 2019 by professors and researchers from the Department of Applied Nuclear Physics, this startup has developed a solution to measure the amount of water with cosmic rays

stored in the soil. In 2020 the company closed a round of 200 thousand euros with Progress Tech Transfer.

Medsniper is a startup in the medical sector that has developed an innovative intubation system using a video laryngoscope with electronic movement by means of actuators and a data transmission system for remote management of the procedure. Founded in 2019 and incubated at I3P, in 2020 it closed a round of 200 thousand euros participated by I3P e Investors Club.

iCashly, is a startup that has created a fintech platform that combines digital payments and investments with financial education. Founded by Rigsave SPA, in 2020 it closed an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfundme collecting 234 thousand euros.

Super loan, is a startup that has developed a software that allows you to know your creditworthiness online and in a few seconds. Founded by Marco Librobuono and Francesco D’Amelio, it raised € 150,000 on the platform BacktoWork.

FeatFood, is a startup that deals with the preparation of balanced meals and customized thanks to Artificial Intelligence technologies. In 2020 it raised 150 thousand euros in a round in which the Crowd of CrowdFundMe and the investors Riso Gallo, Amadori, Graphicscalve, Digital Magics, Impact Hub, Moffu Labs and Enrico Pandian are included.

FutureVox is a startup active in the sector of business services, marketing and digital communication.

Hebe Studio, is a startup that deals with women’s clothing. He closed an investment for an undeclared amount from Angel Capital Management in 2020.

Befancyfit, is a startup that offers advice for being in good physical shape. Founded by Cristina Marino and Vittorio Marino, in 2020 it closed an investment (for an undeclared amount) led by Luca Argentero.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech DB: today the Italian Tech database counts 385 startup cards.


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