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“Dead Space Remake” remake is officially released by EA-Dead Space Remake

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We have already told you that EA has been planning to remake its sci-fi horror series “Breaking Out”. It has been a while, but the publisher finally gave an official confirmation statement on EA Play Live.

Yes, “Desperate Different Dimension is about to return, it is from EA Motive, and is expected to be launched on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. As for the description of the game, EA provided us with a press release stating;

“Isaac Clarke is an ordinary engineer. His task is to repair a huge and extended starship USG Ishimura. However, he found something terribly wrong. The crew on board was slaughtered and infected by some alien scourges… …And Isaac’s beloved partner, Nicole, got lost somewhere on the boat.

Now, Isaac is alone, with only his tools and engineering skills, and he is trying to unravel the nightmarish mystery that happened on Ishimura. Trapped by hostile creatures called “necromorphs,” Isaac faces a battle for survival, not only against the escalating horror on the ship, but also against his own shaky sanity. “

Doesn’t it look scary? We are very excited about this, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long we want to keep this excitement, because the game does not currently give a release date. However, we can at least expect this benchmark series to make a comeback after being frozen for 8 years.

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