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decisive hours for the farewell to Rome

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ROMA – It’s very hot hours for the Zaniolo’s future at Roma. After the tense days of the January transfer market, between Milan’s failed attempt to take the yellow and red 22 and Bournemouth’s real offer, initially rejected by the player and then – it seems – accepted, but when it was too late, now to be serious is the Galatasaray by coach Okan Buruk pushing to sign the player. Some emissaries of the Turkish club have arrived in Italy to finalize the operation. The direct on Tuesday 7 February with all the updates in real time.


One step away from closing the deal, Zaniolo is preparing to leave for Istanbul

Nicolo Zaniolo is very close to Galatasaray: the negotiation with Roma is being finalized as certified on social networks by Zaniolo’s mother, Francesca Costa. She, the latter, posted a video of her traveling by car in the direction Milano. In the reflection of the car window you can see the player, ready for his new professional adventure.


Zaniolo, the capital gain for Rome

From the point of view of Roma the transaction produces a useful capital gain, even if lower than what would have come in the event of a sale Bournemouth. Valued 4.5 million in 2018when he arrived fromInter as part of the transfer of Nainggolan, Zaniolo it is accounted for in the financial statements for approximately one million considering depreciation. But 15 percent of the income (about 3 million) will be turned toInter.

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Zaniolo awaits the ok from Rome for the departure

Ore decisive per Nicolo Zaniolo al Galatasaray: the player waits for the ok of the Roma to go in direction Istanbul. He has already confronted the Gala coach, Bad weather, a former Inter midfielder and will be accompanied to Turkey by his father Igor. Galatasaray has promised him four and a half years since 3.5 million plus bonusestherefore almost double the salary received at Roma.


Zaniolo, what a gaffe!

Zaniolo awaits news on his transfer to Galatasaray but in the meantime, yet another social gaffe was not spared yesterday. It will be due to the enthusiasm found for the negotiation, or perhaps due to the serenity that he is finding in La Spezia, yesterday morning the player could not resist posting a photo on the Instagram stories that he caused discussion. (READ MORE)


Zaniolo in Istanbul, Rome says yes

This is really happening: Nicolo Zaniolo is one step away, or rather one flight from Galatasaray. The negotiation with the Roma suffered a slowdown due to the terrible earthquake that shook the Turkey. But in the evening the two companies updated again in a conference call to finalize the details of the transfer. (READ EVERYTHING)


Galatasaray emissaries in Milan, negotiation at an advanced stage

emissary of the Galatasaray they landed yesterday at Milano to talk to Zaniolo’s entourage and close the agreement providing for the release clause valid for Italy (30-35 million). The player will sign a contract with the ‘Lions’ of Istanbul four-year from 3.5 million net per season. Negotiation in advanced stagethe player already tomorrow can be in Istanbul together with the executives from the Turkish club.

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Zaniolo, there is an offer from Galatasaray

The Turkish club wants to satisfy the request of the Roma per Nicolo Zaniolo and is willing to put on the plate 20 million plus 3 bonus: a figure that the giallorossi of Istanbul they will be able to match Roma in the next few years five years. (READ EVERYTHING)


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