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defeat the disease and climb the highest volcano in the world

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defeat the disease and climb the highest volcano in the world

wins the leukemia and climb the tallest volcano in the world. The unbelievable enterprise sees a Ciociaro as the protagonist, Andrea Cappadozzi, 55 years old native of Patrica and resident in Castro Dei Volsci, married and father of two children. Together with his doctor friend Christian Ghini from Rome he reached the top of Ojos del Salado in the Andres, on the border between Argentina and Chile. Together they reached 6891 meters in 11 hours. A record. For Andrea it was the third attempt to climb the Ojos.

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«The first time I attempted to climb the highest volcano in the world was 2016. I tried but it went wrong. I had serious health problems that didn’t leave me with the right energy to carry out my dream and I didn’t know it. Back in Ciociaria I did some checks. On 1 July of the same year, a female doctor diagnosed a rare form of leukemia at the Rome Polyclinic. A blow. For me, who had been going to the mountains for over twenty years, it was a nightmare. As soon as I left the visit I told the response to my family, wife and relatives. They fell into despair. I, on the other hand, tried to force myself by asking the doctor if I could go back to climbing the mountains. She answered yes. I said to myself that to achieve my dream I would have had to put even more strength and courage into it».


A month later, chemotherapy began. «It was tough but shortly after I started walking, training and cycling. Initially two hundred meters, then, four hundred, eight hundred every day until he managed to reach over 1000 meters of Monte Cacume on 10 October 2016. It was already a great goal. I felt healed.” Andrea’s bond with the mountain is something that has its roots back in time. «I owe everything to my uncle – he says – about 30 years ago for work (he’s an accountant, ed) I went to Val Gardena where I stayed for 12 years. My uncle was the manager of a refuge in Passo Sella, on the Quattro Passi. Living there, I couldn’t help but be interested in the mountains and every Sunday I went climbing. A passion, a hobby that has become a true love. Back in Ciociaria, I continued to go to the mountains and climb. I joined a climbers club, the Appennino Club and in 5 years I have climbed the beauty of 271 peaks. A great satisfaction. But the dream of Ojos del Salado remained. I tried again in 2020 but this time too, due to various vicissitudes, I didn’t make it”.

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But the dream was only postponed. «About a year ago – recalls Andrea – with my friend Christian Ghini, I resumed training hard to reach my goal.


With the tent, a few provisions, we left for the new adventure. It lasted 18 days and the climb up to 6891 meters was 11 hours. What did we eat? For the first time we decided to bring pasta which we were able to eat with tuna and onions, tomatoes and garlic. Then black beans, lots of fruit and sugar. You need the right diet, lots of mineral salts, sugars are essential. You then need to drink at least four liters of water a day. I confess that we reached the top eating Cacio di Morolo. Nutrition and lots of training are the secrets to achieving these goals».

The company wants to be a message, especially for young people who are facing bad diseases. «The real medicine to fight evils is to follow one’s dreams – concludes Andrea – the great will and love for what we like can help us defeat many evils. You must never give up. Next goals? My son asked me to take him to Kiljmanjaro, we’ll see. I dedicate the achievement of my dream to my children and my wife Tiziana Pagliaroli who have given me great strength».

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