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Delicious watermelon jam without using sugar, only 30 kcal

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Delicious watermelon jam without using sugar, only 30 kcal

Watermelon jam is a delicious summer preparation, a surprising combination of freshness and sweetness, which can also be kept for consumption during the winter.

Its velvety texture and fruity flavor offer a unique experience on the palate. Perfect spread on a slice of toasted bread or as a topping for desserts, it is a pleasure to be enjoyed in any season.

The fruit preserve is a fruit-based preserved food, sugar and food additives with thickening and antioxidant action. It differs from jam, which is made only with citrus fruits, and from compote, which contains less sugar and more fruit.

Fruit preserves

The fruit jam it has different nutritional properties, depending on the type of fruit used and the amount of added sugar. In general, it is about a food rich in simple carbohydrates, which provide immediate energy, but also vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which protect cells from free radicals. In 100 grams of fruit preserves have about 200 calories.

Cherry jam – wineandfoodtour.it

Fruit jam can be prepared at home with a simple procedure, which requires few ingredients and tools. The best time to make jam is when the fruit is in season, ripe and fragrant, but not too soft or dented. The fruit must be washed, peeled if necessary, cut into pieces and cooked in a pan with sugar and lemon juice, which helps regulate pH and to favor the gelation.

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The cooking must be prolonged until the fruit reaches a dense and velvety consistency. For check the cooking point you can do the saucer test: pour a drop of product on a cold saucer and tilt it; if the drop slides slowly without dripping, the preserve is ready.

Once cooked, the jam goes poured into jars previously sterilized in boiling water. The jars must be filled to the brim, hermetically closed and turned upside down to create a vacuum.

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Strawberry jam – wineandfoodtour.it

After a few minutes they can be straightened and left to cool. The jam thus prepared it can be kept for several months in a cool, dry placeaway from direct light. It can be eaten for breakfast on bread or biscuits, or as an ingredient in sweet or savory recipes.

Watermelon jam: how to prepare it

The periods for making fruit jam at home vary according to the fruit chosen. Summer jams, such as strawberry, cherry or watermelon jams, can be prepared during the summer season, when the fruit is fresh and plentiful.

Summer is certainly the ideal season to prepare the watermelon jam, since it is in this period that questor delicious and juicy fruit reaches its full maturity.

Watermelon jam – wineandfoodtour.it

An interesting idea is use watermelon jam instead of sugar or sweetener in herbal teas or tea, thus allowing you to experience a new flavor that you will probably like a lot, if not even more. It’s an original way to enrich your hot drinks with a sweet and fruity note, giving them a summery and refreshing touch.

Watermelon jam

Watermelon jam is a delicious summer sweet, a surprising combination of freshness and sweetness.

Food preservation range Keyword Watermelon jam Total time 6 hours 15 minutes


2 kg watermelon pulp 2 ultra-thinly sliced ​​lemon zest ½ yes lemon juice


To start preparing the watermelon jam, proceed with slicing the watermelon.

Remove the skin and inner seeds, then cut into generously sized pieces.

Transfer the pieces to the appropriate blender and blend them until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

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Next, pour the watermelon pulp into a generously sized pot.

Add the fresh lemon juice and the thin lemon zest. Turn on the stove and bring the pot to medium heat.

Let the mixture cook over medium heat for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

During cooking, remember to stir occasionally to prevent sticking, however, avoid doing so during the last 30 minutes of cooking.

While the jam is cooking, you can prepare the glass jar for storage. you.

Put the jar (with lid or airtight seal) in a saucepan with plenty of hot water and boil it for about 30 minutes.

Make sure it is completely submerged in water. Five minutes before removing the jar from the heat, soak the cap as well, in order to sterilize it properly.

Once the jar has been properly sterilized, remove it from the boiling water and place it upside down on a clean towel.

Let it dry completely without closing it. This way, the jar will be ready to be filled with the jam once it’s ready.

Once the jam has reached the desired consistency, thick and compact, let it cool slightly.

Next, pour it gently into the previously prepared jar.

Finally, seal the jar tightly with the lid. Turn it upside down and let it cool completely.

Once the jam has cooled, you can use it as you prefer, to enrich your breakfasts, spread on slices of toasted bread or as an ingredient for cakes and desserts.

Experiment and taste your delicious homemade jam.

How to use watermelon jam

The watermelon jam it is an excellent choice to accompany bread, biscuits, yogurt or cheese. It can also be used as an ingredient for desserts, tarts or spread on pancakes and crêpes. It is a versatile delicacy that lends itself to multiple uses in the kitchen.

Making fruit jam at home offers many advantages. First of all, it allows you to check the ingredients used, avoiding the addition of preservatives or artificial colors.

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It is possible to use fresh seasonal fruit, thus guaranteeing a more intense and authentic flavour. Furthermore, the preparation of fruit jam at home allows you to customize it according to your tastes, adding spices, herbs or replacing sugar with healthier alternatives, such as honey or agave.

The fruit jam it’s a delicious and versatile option for enjoying fruits differently.

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